Wheel Of Time Season 2 Cast Gains 4 New Recurring Roles

Amazon's other, non-"Lord of the Rings" epic fantasy series "The Wheel of Time" is expected to bring fans its long-awaited Season 2 some time in the near future, although details surrounding exactly when are cloudy and murky at best. But for viewers who are clamoring for any sort of concrete information, progress is being made toward that goal as some good news has recently dropped. Per Variety, Season 2 of "The Wheel of Time" has officially added four new recurring cast members in roles that will definitely be familiar for fans of Robert Jordan's popular fantasy series.

According to the report, Maja Simonsen will join the series as Chiad, Ragga Ragnars will portray Bain, Jay Duffy will step into the role of Dain Bornhald, and Rima Te Wiata will play Sheriam Bayanar. Obviously, the announcement of these new cast members is a pretty big deal in and of itself as it signals that Amazon is still marching toward finally giving fans Season 2 after the first season debuted all the way back in November of 2021. Still, non-book fans of the series may be wondering exactly who these new characters are.

Wheel of Time Season 2 is bringing in some interesting side characters

This recent casting announcement is definitely an interesting development for the series and it could offer some insight on how closely "The Wheel of Time" will stick to its source material going forward. Chiad and Bain are perhaps the most compelling additions to the series when it comes to supporting characters. In the books, both are Maidens of the Spear, an Aiel all-women warrior society, and they are first-sisters, or, those who have the same mother. Chiad and Bain play smaller but vital roles throughout the entire series of books and their addition is likely an encouraging one for book fans.

As for Dain Bornhald, he is the son of Geofram Bornhald, a character that was already brought into the series for Season 1 and portrayed by Stuart Graham. Dain serves as something of an antagonistic force to the main characters, especially Perrin (Marcus Rutherford), and is a member of the Children of the Light. Finally, Sheriam Bayanar is a high-ranking Aes Sedai in the books, though she has her own dark, shady secrets. Obviously it's unclear if these characters will be exactly as they are on the screen as they were in the books. "The Wheel of Time" show has changed quite a few story elements throughout its short run thus far, and there's always the chance that they'll do so again with these new characters.