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Blue Bloods: Will Estes Chooses A Powerful Jamie Reagan Storyline As His Favorite

"Blue Bloods" has hundreds of episodes under its belt at this point. From one-off storylines to issues that plague the characters for multiple episodes, the Reagan family has gone through it all, and while they've taken their fair share of lumps, they've always managed to come out on top. And despite several Reagans working in law enforcement, they each get their time to shine, especially when it comes to the youngest of the adult siblings, Jamie (Will Estes).

Jamie's worked his way up the NYPD ranks, taking on several partners over his career and even marrying fellow officer Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray). Naturally, having spent so much time on the procedural, it was tough for him to narrow down a favorite when asked during an interview, but one came to mind. He explained, "Researching and trying to sort of find out who was responsible for my brother's death early on in the show was really powerful." That's in reference to the death of Joe Reagan, who was another one of Frank's (Tom Selleck) sons and made for some powerful storylines in the show's first season. But that isn't the only thing that stood out to Estes during his time on "Blue Bloods."

Will Estes also likes the storylines with his on-screen wife

Will Estes didn't pull that storyline out of his hat during that interview, either. During Looper's exclusive interview with the "Blue Bloods" actor, he actually shared something similar: "The stuff I really loved was in the very beginning, when I got to research my brother's death and try to find out what happened to him. He was murdered by crooked cops. So that was a really fun storyline." That plotline definitely showed how serious and grim "Blue Bloods" could get, which is what made it such a great hook for the first season. But Estes also enjoys the lighter storylines, too.

Later in the other interview, Estes went on to discuss how much he's enjoyed working alongside Vanessa Ray, who plays his wife, Eddie, on the show. It's a good thing they get along when the cameras aren't rolling because chemistry is essential. As he puts it, "Working with Vanessa Ray has been so much fun, and it brings a levity to my character and to the show that is great both on and off camera, both as an actor and, I think, for the character."

Will Estes has had a healthy mix of deep, serious storylines and moments where he can cut loose and have some fun. It's no doubt made the past 13 years of "Blue Bloods" go by much easier, and hopefully, he gets more intriguing plotlines worthy of his talents going forward.