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Star Wars: The Bad Batch Didn't Give Fans Enough Time With Mayday

"Star Wars: The Bad Batch" follows a squadron of elite clone troopers with unique genetic mutations that grant them special abilities and skills. On top of that, these mutations made each member of the team immune to the effects of Order 66, forcing them to seek exile and work as mercenaries rather than continue their service to the Galactic Empire.

Unfortunately, not all clone troopers were able to break away from their programming like the titular "Bad Batch," as was the case with clone commander Mayday (Dee Bradley Baker), who continued serving the Galactic Empire long after the fall of the Jedi. Although Mayday betrayed the Republic and appears in only one episode of the series (Season 2 Episode 12, "The Outpost"), the bearded commander endeared himself to many fans online with his charming personality, incredible combat skills, and powerful story arc.

"Everything about him was perfect: his charisma, his dedication to his men, his facial hair, armor, and efficiency as a soldier," wrote u/synolongerblue on Reddit. "Of course he had to go." "He was a f***ing legend who was taken from us too quickly," agreed u/DiceGoblin_Muncher. Others, like u/BFNgaming, claimed that Mayday was one of the best clones introduced in the entire "Star Wars" franchise, and it's clear that many fans wish they spent a bit more time with him before his death.

Mayday made a huge impact despite his short screen time

As mentioned, Mayday appears in only a single episode of "The Bad Batch" titled "The Outpost," which saw another clone named CT-9904 or "Crosshair" (the only member of the Bad Batch who joined the Empire, also voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) visiting Barton IV to reinforce Mayday's squad — which was down to just three troopers after a year on the planet.

We learn that Mayday cares so deeply for his fellow troopers that he's kept the helmets of all his deceased comrades. Later in the episode, the bearded commander expresses his distaste with how the Galactic Empire uses the clones as expendable, unimportant cannon fodder. These displays of affection and loyalty toward his fellow soldiers are part of why the charismatic Mayday managed to live on as a popular character within the fandom, despite the fact that he dies later that same episode.

After an avalanche leaves Mayday on the verge of death, Crosshair fights his way back to the Imperial depot in order to save him — only for Imperial Lieutenant Nolan (Crispin Freeman) to deny him any medical aid, believing it a waste to expend such materials on a replaceable clone. Although fans may have wished for this disillusioned clone commander to last a little longer, Mayday still gets the last laugh in the end when Crosshair executes Nolan before dozens of witnesses — allowing Mayday's small appearance to have a major impact on the rest of the story.