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Here's How To Watch Operation Fortune At Home

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Audiences can finally watch Guy Ritchie's "Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre" at home.

After returning to his gangster roots with "The Gentlemen," Ritchie decided to take another crack at the spy genre with "Operation Fortune." The trailer for the Jason Statham-starring film first arrived in December 2021 and reception was mostly positive. "Guy Ritchie's films never disappoint, can't wait for this one!" shared YouTube user Cinema Forever in excitement. The trailer pitched a brand new world of international espionage, with Statham's slick Orson at the helm. With an all-star cast consisting of Audrey Plaza, Hugh Grant, and Bugzy Malone, "Operation Fortune" was poised to be another hit for Ritchie, whose films have grossed over $2 billion at the worldwide box office.

The globe-trotting spy flick was initially set to debut in early 2022... but it never did. A June 2022 report from The Daily Mail revealed that Ritchie's latest failed to meet its release because of the ongoing Russo-Ukrankian War. The film features Statham's Orson going up against a variety of bad guys, including Ukranian gangsters. "Operation Fortune" was pulled from release to remain mindful of the war.

As 2023 kicked off, the film began to roll out worldwide. The film quietly debuted stateside in March, going up against "Creed III," and "Scream VI" the following week. Ultimately, the spy thriller only cashed in $6 million domestically, per The Numbers, making it a financial flop. While the film was a box-office disappointment due to its poor circumstances, that doesn't mean audiences can't witness Ritchie's latest at home.

In the United States, "Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre" currently isn't available on any streaming services but can be digitally purchased or rented.

Operation Fortune is available for purchase

Viewers who want to experience "Operation Fortune" at home can rent the film for $19.99 USD on their favorite digital storefront. The film is available in 4K on Amazon Prime, Vudu, the Google Play Store, and a plethora of other services. "Operation Fortune" can be purchased for $24.99 USD. It remains to be seen when the film hits streaming services. 

Want to know if the film is worth the cash? Looper sister site /Film gave "Operation Fortune" a mixed review, praising it for its cinematography and action sequences but finding its humor to be stiff. Audiences, meanwhile, seem to have enjoyed the flick. "Is it Richie's best? No. But it was well shot, well-paced, and everyone seemed to be having fun with their roles (Hugh Grant especially)," wrote Reddit user u/Blargle_Schmeef in a thread discussing the picture. "Solid 7/10 fun spy movie with a great cast."

Certain territories outside the United States won't have to purchase or rent the film. In the United Kingdom, Canada, and France, "Operation Fortune" is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video with a subscription. While the film didn't receive much love theatrically, here's hoping that it finds an audience now that it's available to watch at home.