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Star Trek: Picard Almost Ended In A Far More Mysterious Way

Contains spoilers for the series finale of "Star Trek: Picard"

The ending of "Star Trek: Picard" concluded the long-awaited reunion of the USS Enterprise fans had been waiting for years to see. As the crew, led again by Jean-Luc Picard (Sir Patrick Stewart), battled with the Borg drones and the Borg Queen (Alice Krige), all hope may have been lost until the crew defeated both the hostile species well as the Changeling infiltrators. But according to the show's leading star, the finale nearly ended in a far more mysterious fashion.

In an interview with Variety, Patrick Stewart was asked by the publication why the captain's relationship with Dr. Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden) was not followed up in the new series or "Star Trek: The Next Generation" movies. He replied that showrunners wished to keep Picard's romantic life ambiguous. However, he added, "We'd had one idea for ending "Picard," which I think now would have been a mistake. But it would have ended the show with a huge question mark."

Picard and Crusher's relationship has always been complex. Still, the actor did not specify if their former entanglements were ever part of his suggested closing scene for "Star Trek: Picard." Here is what he had to say about the discarded plot development.

Patrick Stewart says he cannot talk about his proposed original ending for Picard

Patrick Stewart revealed to Variety that he liked how his proposed conclusion to "Star Trek: Picard" would have kept the audience on the edge of their seat trying to figure out the original ambiguous ending. When asked by the publication what he was referring to, Stewart decided to remain silent on the scrapped idea.

"I can't talk about it," the veteran actor said. "I said I wouldn't talk about it, because it was a complicated situation. I went with what the producers wanted. I was not comfortable with it, but watching the final episode the other night, I realized that what they had persuaded me we should do was absolutely the best thing that could have happened."

Although it remains unclear precisely what mystery ending Stewart originally had in mind, viewers must make do with the "Last Generation" curtain call for one of the greatest captains of the USS Enterprise.