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Star Wars: The Bad Batch S2 Episode 11 Proves The Franchise Should Tackle Horror

It's hard to deny that "Star Wars: The Bad Batch" stands out as one of the overall darker strands of the entire "Star Wars" story. Set immediately after the prequel films, the show explores the fallout of Order 66, in which the overwhelming majority of the Jedi were wiped out as the Empire finally reared its head as the dominant force throughout the galaxy. As such, "The Bad Batch" deals with some pretty mature material throughout its run, and one particular episode has even seen the series dipping into full-out horror territory.

"The Bad Batch" Season 2, Episode 11, titled "Metamorphosis," features a pretty chilling premise. While scavenging a seemingly-abandoned ship for a job, the Batch team quickly discovers that they're not alone, with a massive, bloodthirsty creature slowly hunting them down. As it turns out, the horror-tinged tone that the episode strikes proved popular with fans. "Digging the 'Alien' vibes of this episode. A little 'Star Wars' horror," u/Spaceace91478 commented after the episode debuted. Not only did other fans agree, but many looked to the episode as confirmation that "Star Wars" should tackle even more horror in the future.

Fans want more scary Star Wars shenanigans

After the premiere of "Metamorphosis," fans feel like "Star Wars" has only touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the franchise's potential for horror. "I've been saying this! I'm begging for a 'Star Wars' horror something," u/EmmyVidriney wrote. Others were similarly excited by the possibility, with u/ChanceVance commenting: "There's real potential to branch out into different genres with 'Star Wars.' There are some scary creatures lurking in the galaxy you could go full horror with."

Speaking of scary creatures from "Star Wars" history, some viewers have rightfully noted that certain non-canon "Legends" projects —novels, comics, video games, and so on — have explored frightening concepts that are ripe for an on-screen adaptation. Certain fans even pulled out specific deep-cuts that they'd like to see return. "I so desperately want Rakghouls," u/The_Blue_Rooster commented, speaking of the virus-spreading Sith mutants that appeared in several "Star Wars: The Old Republic" era projects. "They're a fun 'Star Wars' spin on zombies that actually feels unique & fitting the setting while still being terrifying."

Whether any future "Star Wars" properties delve into full-on horror territory remains to be seen, but it's clear that the foundation is there to create some truly terrifying tales in the galaxy far, far away.