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Shooting Star Trek: Picard's Series Finale Felt All Wrong To Patrick Stewart (Until He Saw It Himself)

Contains spoilers for "Star Trek: Picard," Season 3, Episode 10 — "The Last Generation"

Ending a series is probably a touching and emotional moment for many actors, especially if it involves a character that someone has played for several decades. With the final episode of "Star Trek: Picard" being released, Patrick Stewart, who plays Jean-Luc Picard, finally got a chance to see the culmination of his efforts. 

Oddly enough, Stewart was originally unsure about the ending to "Star Trek: Picard," and speaking with the Los Angeles Times, he elaborated that he felt fairly defensive toward his character. Stewart added that there was some behind-the-scenes conflict on how the story should finish because there were two different endings.

Stewart then said that due to scheduling conflicts, the ending he originally wanted couldn't be filmed, and the one he wasn't keen on became the ending to "Picard." His mind changed when he watched the conclusion himself. 

"The impact that the final episode had on me was unexpected and almost overwhelming," Stewart said. "When it finally finished, I had to call out for my wife and go give her a hug because I felt so deeply connected with what I'd watched. The way the series ends is wonderful, and I so badly thought it was totally wrong when we shot it."

Stewart is glad the director of the finale trusted his instincts

Initially, Patrick Stewart disagreed with how the series was coming to an end. Despite this, the director, Terry Matalas, stuck to his vision. 

"The director and producers, in particular Terry Matalas, who directed it, his instinct was absolutely right, and my instinct was only protective, whereas he was going deeper into what made me feel this morning, the whole effect it had on my life and career, this show," Stewart said. "I promise you, if you'd come to see me at half past eight this morning, you would have found me in my wife's arms, wiping away the tears."

Considering that the final moments of "Star Trek: Picard" sees the original crew from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" making a toast and playing cards in a bar, this much more grounded approach gives a humane send-off for this vaunted crew. This ending sees the crew for what they have become — a chosen family. Still, it makes one wonder what the alternate ending may have looked like, but it sounds like Stewart was more pleased with the final result that audiences got a chance to see.