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Mythic Quest Cast Features Actors From Iconic Video Games, Including The Last Of Us

"Mythic Quest" has long been one of Apple TV+'s most beloved comedies, and its hilarious exploration of the trials and tribulations of the video game industry endure it to many fans. Created by the team behind "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," the series' witty dialogue, absurdist situations, and engaging acting from its ensemble have entertained viewers for three seasons.

The program centers on the title's game's designer Ian Grimm (Rob McElhenney), and his relationship with his team of creatives. But it's not just the writers and their research of the industry that stand out; the sitcom also features many voice actors from popular gaming projects, including "The Last of Us" franchise.

Ashly Burch stars as Rachel, Mythic Quest's Head of Monetization, but most of her career has been dedicated to gaming voicework, including providing vocals for Mel in the influential apocalypse game "The Last of Us II." In addition to Burch, some prominent gaming voice stars have also shown up on the series in supporting and guest appearances.

Video game voice actors Sam Witwer and John DiMaggio have also appeared on the show

Also in the extended cast of "Mythic Quest" are two actors regularly providing their vocal talents to the video game industry –- Sam Witwer and John DiMaggio. Witwer played Ian's dad during a flashback in the Season 3 episode titled "Sarian," The actor likely looks familiar to film fans thanks to his role in Frank Darabont's "The Mist" in 2007. But for gamers, the performer is best known for providing the voices for Starkiller and Emperor Palpatine in "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed" and "The Force Unleashed II" in the late 2000s.

DiMaggio also occasionally appears in front of the camera in live-action projects, but his considerable acting skills revolve around his voice -– mainly his work on animated series such as "Futurama" and "Adventure Time" and in the gaming industry. One of the actor's notable performances came as Marcus Fenix in the first three "Gears of War" video games. The actor also provided the English-dubbed voices of Wakka of Besaid and Kimahri Ronso in "Final Fantasy X" and its follow-up "Final Fantasy X-2."

With such a diverse and wide-ranging acumen of personalities from the gaming industry, "Mythic Quest" ensures it is in capable hands regarding authenticity.