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Why Is Air Rated R? What Parents Should Know Before Letting Their Kids Watch

"Air" is, first and foremost, marketed around the legend that is basketball superstar Michael Jordan. His reputation and impact transcend multiple eras of the NBA, so much so that it's common to see children of all ages sporting Air Jordans on and off the court. Just because they can rock his iconic Nike sneakers, however, does that mean kids should accompany their parents to screenings of a film that chronicles their conception?

What parents should be aware of immediately is the amount of profanity used throughout the film. "Air" depicts adults — mostly ill-tempered men — trying to operate in a high-risk, high-reward industry, which also happens to be a somewhat toxic working environment. As such, it isn't that surprising that these powerful figures throw around all kinds of language in private conversations. Viewers should expect to hear most of the American swears in the book, as well as plenty of potentially offensive lines of dialogue. Jordan's aggressive agent, David Falk (played by Chris Messina) has a number of hilariously vivid and profane monologues.

Aside from the language, thugh, the rest of the film is fairly tame. That still doesn't necessarily mean your child will enjoy the film.

Air is definitely not meant for young children

Though "Air" is devoid of more explicit aspects often seen in R-rated films, such as sex scenes, nudity, gore, or the presence of hard drugs, it's still far from a movie meant for kids. 

If your child is begging you to take them to see the film because they're a huge Michael Jordan fan, you both should be aware that he's barely in "Air" at all. His face is never seen on camera, and the only time you see him on the court is through fuzzy archival footage. And no, if your child is a sports fan looking for a dramatized look into Jordan's early days in the NBA, this is not the film for them. 

However, if your child enjoys stylized filmmaking, any of the actors in the film, or fast-paced stories based on real events, they should find "Air" very entertaining. Indeed, it's worth arguing that "Air" may also be interesting to kids interested in history, especially sports history. That being said, as with any true story that gets the Hollywood treatment, there are a plethora of factual inaccuracies parents may want to discuss with their kids after leaving the theater.