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Fire Force's Benimaru Shinmon Character Walkthrough

The battle Shonen genre is known by fans for its focus on young protagonists against the forces of evil. But alongside these plucky and often unique hairdo sporting heroes are usually older characters that set the bar regarding power and coolness. Depending on the show, these remarkable figures can serve as rivals, mentors, or even secret villains. But no matter their final role in the story, they'll always be known as that benchmark for our young hero to one day reach. In Episode 10 of Atsushi Ohkubo's "Fire Force," we all met that particular character with the introduction of Benimaru Shinmon.

With his samurai style and red tic-tac-toe eyes, it's safe to say that Benimaru's design already suggested that fans should pay attention to him. And that's saying a lot considering the wild cast within "Fire Force." Fortunately, he more than delivered on our curiosity, as he quickly established himself as one of the anime's most astonishingly powered characters. Yet his undeniable love for his country's old traditions and his calm demeanor erupting into a volcanic temper at times helps round out Benimaru as also one of the most captivating. So, let's take a moment and learn more about the Captain of Special Fire Force Company 7.

His strict upbringing shaped him

Despite being only 22, Benimaru is considered a veteran when battling Infernals. The captain has been a part of the fire department since he was a kid. It might seem cruel to throw a child into the frying pan business of putting Infernals to rest and stopping flames. But Benimaru's foster father, Hibachi Shinmon, allowed it because he wanted his adopted son to become a worthy successor. That being said, it's no surprise that the elder fire chief was strict towards, Benimaru, thinking kindness would potentially hinder him or, worse, cause him to use his powers irresponsibly.

If not for the much nicer Konro Sagamiya in his life, Benimaru might have failed through Hibachi's form of tough love. However, with his intense training and sparring, Benimaru learned and mastered Hibachi's unique hand-sword combat style. In addition, he also took on more than just fighting prowess. Benimaru is similar to his father in many ways, from being brutally honest with folks to sharing his father's traditional country idealist ways. The latter might explain some of his noticeable habits, like calling everyone by their family name. Even Asakusa residents respect and admire Benimaru as a fire captain, much like many did for Hibachi.

Benimaru's combat skills earned him the King of Destruction title

With a nickname like the "King of Destruction," Benimaru would have no choice but to wield some serious power. And so far, throughout "Fire Force," he's more than lived up to that moniker. Starting with his powers, hardly anyone in the series comes close to him. In Episode 11, while dealing with an Infernal in Asakusa, Konro fittingly calls Benimaru a "Compound Fire Soldier," with good reason. That's because the captain is a Second and Third Generation Pyrokentic, meaning he can ignite and wield flames at an unparalleled level. And if he sees a fire technique he thinks is useful from another Pyrokinetic, then he also has no problem expertly mimicking them. Still, even without his powers, Benimaru is considered a major threat due to his martial arts skills.

"Fire Force" delivers several moments of Benimaru kicking butt like no other, but his fight against Company 8 in Episode 12 immediately establishes just how good he is. With his hand-to-hand and Pyrokentic abilities, he dismantles Shinra and his comrades without breaking a sweat. Every attack they throw at him fails, and even Captain Akitaru Ōbi's intervention doesn't stop Benimaru. Eventually, the skirmish between everyone ended peacefully, which is great, because Benimaru was seconds away from delivering his ultimate attack, "Sun Wheel," potentially making "Fire Force" a much shorter series.

What was Benimaru up to at the end of Season 2?

Preparation is the central theme of the Fire Force" Season 2 Finale, as everyone is on high alert following the rise of the White-Clad. Shinra and Arthur are determined to become stronger following their clashes with the deadly foes. And as the two go to Benimaru for help in reaching another level, it forces Asakusa's finest captain to play the role of a teacher as he trains them. However, Benimaru's abilities didn't come at a cheap price. And Shinra and Arthur learn a bit about that strict cost as he subjects them to harsh training that he later admits is some old-fashioned proto-nationalist hazing he once received from Konro.

It won't probably cause Shinra and Arthur to share his traditional country values anytime soon, but it does achieve its goal of pushing the two to their physical limits. After more brutal training in the form of the duo fighting Benimaru with everything they've got, they eventually achieve a new state. The finale also sees Benimaru begrudgingly agree with Shinra's idea of Company 7 uniting with other allies throughout the Tokyo Empire. Benimaru has never cared for the Emperor or the Company working with others. But for the sake of Asakusa, he'll play nice. And as we'll likely see in Season 3, any further threat to Asakusa or Company 7 could become mere ashes under his flames.