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Grey's Anatomy's Harry Shum Jr. Says Blue & Jules Could Be Forever (But It's Complicated)

At the start of "Grey's Anatomy" Season 19, five new interns arrive at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, ready to learn from the best. Of course, they can't be focused on saving lives all of the time, so a romance or two is bound to blossom. This is the case with Benson "Blue" Kwan (Harry Shum Jr.) and Jules Millin (Adelaide Kane), who enjoy a steamy encounter in the locker room, despite Jules claiming she has no feelings for him. Ever since, fans have been wondering, could Blue and Jules be the next "it" couple on the series?

In an interview with ET, Shum Jr. shared his thoughts on the matter. He believes these two could enjoy a happily ever after but understands that it won't be an easy road. "There's a start, there's an end and there's a middle, so a lot of things can happen in the middle before the endgame happens," he said. "They might be endgame, depends on their work schedule and also where they're at in their life. What I will say is that the show does make it very complicated for them to have an endgame."

It might be early on in whatever's going on between Blue and Jules, but fans already have a theory about what might happen in the tumultuous "middle" that Shum Jr. warned about.

Grey's Anatomy fans think Jules might be pregnant

Just like Harry Shum Jr., "Grey's Anatomy" fans don't think Blue and Jules' road to a happy relationship will be easy. In fact, some strongly believe that their spontaneous hookup will soon come back to haunt them in the form of an unexpected pregnancy...especially after a possible bit of foreshadowing.

U/AprilShowers97 said, "Maybe because Jules was talking about her fear of childbirth? If you put something like that out into the Grey's universe it comes back to bite you eventually." This user suggested that since the "pregnant intern" storyline comes to a quick end in Season 8 with Morgan Peterson (Amanda Fuller) and Chris (Gil McKinney), there's room for another. "[T]hat wasn't fully realized because her boyfriend worked in a different hospital and the baby died shortly after birth so they never had to raise him while juggling their studies."

U/Acrobatic_Sound_3311 suggested that Blue and Jules will parallel Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) and Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington), who also have a sexual encounter on hospital property in Season 1. A few episodes later, Cristina collapses from an ectopic pregnancy in the middle of surgery.

Only time will tell what the future holds for Blue and Jules. But if past "Grey's Anatomy" relationships are any indication of what's to come, fans better buckle up for the ride.