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Hallmark's Romance In Style: Benjamin Hollingsworth Was Hesitant To Sign On

Some viewers of Hallmark's 2022 film "Romance in Style" may have been surprised to find that a certain "Virgin River" star is part of the movie's main cast. Indeed, none other than Benjamin Hollingsworth stars in the film as Derek opposite "Station 19" cast member Jaicy Elliot. Despite his co-starring role, the actor has revealed that he was initially pretty hesitant about signing onto "Romance in Style."

In an interview with Parade, Hollingsworth spoke about how he got involved with "Romance in Style" directly after his last Hallmark movie. "They sent along the script, and I received an offer for it," the actor recalled. "I had just done 'Splash of Love,' which I really liked because of the Orcas and the idea of preserving wildlife. Then this movie came along, and I was a little unsure about doing another one so close to finishing the last one. But I saw the messaging in the movie about body inclusivity and positivity and encouraging everyone to be themselves and love themselves."

Hollingsworth is no stranger to Hallmark movies

Though Benjamin Hollingsworth had reservations about joining the cast of "Romance in Style," it certainly wasn't because of any lack of familiarity with the Hallmark filmmaking process. As the actor alluded to in his interview with Parade, he previously appeared in 2022's "Splash of Love." He's also appeared in as many as two additional Hallmark films, those being 2019's "A Godwink Christmas: Meant for Love" and 2020's "Love Under the Olive Tree." Suffice to say, it seems the actor has something of a penchant for roles in feel-good romance flicks.

During the interview, Hollingsworth spoke about what makes people love Hallmark movies so much and why he has personally kept going back for more in recent years. "I often refer to it as an apple pie style of entertainment," the star explained. "It's not like we're creating something new, but it doesn't mean it's not really good and comforting. Sometimes all you want is at the end of the night — there's nothing wrong with wanting to feel warm and fuzzy inside. In fact, we all need it."

Hollingsworth is plenty busy with all sorts of TV and movie roles these days, so it makes sense that the actor would want to pick his acting opportunities wisely. Nonetheless, it seems like the actor continues to harbor a particular soft spot for Hallmark's stable of films. As for whether he'll be signing on for yet another one, only time will tell.