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Mrs. Davis: The Huge Mistake That Could Cost Simone Big Time

Contains spoilers for "Mrs. Davis" Episode 1

A whole bunch of stuff happens in the first episode of Peacock's AI sci-fi drama "Mrs Davis." Over the course of the episode, it becomes very clear that Simone (Betty Gilpin) is no ordinary nun, and that the titular AI seems to have a curiously personal stake in turning her into an ally ... or at least making her a part of its master plan. 

After Simone spends much of the episode in openly antagonistic terms with Mrs. Davis, the jam-exploding, buffet-sabotaging, convent-finishing events culminate in a meeting between the nun and a kindergarten teacher (Ashley Romans) who acts as the AI's proxy. During this meeting, Mrs. Davis manages to rope Simone in on a strange quest to seek and destroy the Holy Grail, in exchange for shutting itself down upon completion. 

This seems like a reasonably good deal for Simone, who seems to have very little stake in the Grail herself. However, Mrs. Davis manages to sneak in a potential game-changer by asking, "Do you agree to the terms and conditions of this quest?" Simone does, and by doing so, she might just have given Mrs. Davis the upper hand going forward. 

Accepting Mrs. Davis' terms and conditions without hearing what they are might be costly for Simone

Simone is one of the very few people in the world who are incredibly wary of Mrs. Davis, but since her avoidance of the AI means she doesn't appear to be particularly tech-savvy, she may be making a pretty crucial mistake by accepting the AI's terms and conditions. This, as any internet denizen should know at this point, is a bit of a major faux pas when dealing with things online. 

While it's perfectly possible for "terms and conditions" to just be the simple "Grail destruction-for-shutoff" transaction Mrs. Davis just described, Simone should absolutely have checked what the AI meant with the phrase before shaking on it. Since she's clearly considering Mrs. Davis to be a thoroughly untrustworthy entity, it seems like a fairly gross error for her to skip this detail. 

It remains to be seen whether this plot point will come into play as the season proceeds. Maybe Simone deliberately opted to skip Mrs. Davis' terms and conditions, or perhaps she simply doesn't care about what the AI thinks it's able to rope her into with them. Still, for now, it sure seems that our protagonist has signed the advantage off to Mrs. Davis.