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Impractical Jokers: Sal Tops The Loser Count As The Most Punished Cast Member

Despite their best efforts, none of the hosts of "Impractical Jokers" have been able to avoid punishments. Every now and again, one or more of them do so poorly at a given episode's challenges that they find themselves on the receiving end of an undesirable task devised by the others — one they must complete no matter how painful, uncomfortable, or embarrassing. In the over a decade that the truTV hit has been on the air, it turns out that series staple Sal Vulcano has wound up punished more than any of his co-stars.

We have this information thanks to Reddit user u/finishermedal, who took on the monumental task of compiling all of the "Impractical Jokers" punishments into a handy list back in 2020. This allowed them to compare Joe Gatto, Sal Vulcano, Brian "Q" Quinn, and James "Murr" Murray's punishment counts up to that point. Joe had suffered through the fewest with 43, with Q and Murr coming up next at 51 and 63, respectively. That put Sal at the bottom of the list with a total of 67 punishments to his name.

Still, even though Sal has dealt with the most punishments of any Impractical Joker, many fans agree that another individual has consistently been stuck with the worst.

Sal has the most punishments, but most agree Murr has the worst

In the long history of Sal's "Impractical Jokers" punishments, he's gotten some pretty rough ones. A few noteworthy examples include Murr marrying his sister while he was forced to watch and the time he was forced to derail a bingo game. While these and others are certainly bad, fans don't seem to think Sal gets the worst punishments of the core four "Impractical Jokers" stars. According to the program's Reddit community, specifically in a thread by u/Mental_mango444, the consensus is that Murr has been plagued by the worst punishments of anyone.

"Hands down, I think it's Murr," the original post said, listing off several horrific examples of past Murr punishments. In response, numerous Redditors commented in agreement. u/jbabs95 noted that Murr always ends up physically and mentally tormented by his punishments, with u/HelpImAwake expressing that some of them are just plain mean. As for u/inchandywetrust, they don't think Murr has the worst single punishment in the show's run, but collectively, they think he's had more unbearable ones than his companions. At the same time, many feel that Sal is a very close second.

Sure, Sal may get punished more often than his fellow "Impractical Jokers" stars, but at least he hasn't been saddled with as many scarring, frightening, and downright mean punishments as Murr.