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Raegan Revord Attributes Young Sheldon's Success To Its Depiction Of Family

Few spin-offs manage to catch on the same way that the original series did, but "The Big Bang Theory's" prequel "Young Sheldon" has defied the odds. Even more than six seasons deep, the CBS sitcom is still immensely popular among fans. Plenty of reasons could be attributed to the show's enduring success, whether it's the novelty of seeing younger versions of "Big Bang Theory" mainstays or the willingness to occasionally put Sheldon in the backseat and focus on other characters. For cast member Raegan Revord, however, the true key to "Young Sheldon's" popularity is its compelling depiction of family.

In an interview with Popternative, Revord spoke about how "Young Sheldon" successfully uses its core Cooper family dynamic to create an emotional core that goes beyond pure comedy. "I think that's why people like it so much, is because it's relatable," the actor explained. "It shows the true ups and downs of a family. There's plenty of sad bits. There's parts where everyone's fighting. It really does show the true dynamic of your typical family."

Iain Armitage agrees with Revord on the importance of Young Sheldon's family

Raegan Revord isn't the only "Young Sheldon" cast member who thinks that the show's family dynamic is a crucial part of its continued success. Lead actor Iain Armitage echoed a similar sentiment around the time that the sitcom premiered its 100th overall episode during 2022, and even went as far as to say that the cast and crew feels a close bond with one another even outside of filming.

In an interview with ET at the time of the 100th episode, Iain Armitage spoke about his appreciation for his "Young Sheldon" peers. "We all have pretty good chemistry together and I think we do feel like a real family," the actor said. "We've gotten along with each other from Day 1 and... it really does feel like a family. Of course we have really good writers who just make the best television. And without them I would just sound awkward, now I sound funny and awkward so it's even better comedy. But they're the best."

With how close everyone working on "Young Sheldon" is with one another, it's no surprise that the family dynamic seen on the show would feel more genuine to viewers. The message seems clear, too — whether "Young Sheldon" ends with Season 7 or continues onward for any further number of seasons, it will continue to center upon the theme of family until the very final episode.