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The Raunchy Ways Impractical Jokers' Title Translates For International Audiences

It is not unusual for James "Murr" Murray, Sal Vulcano, and Brian "Q" Quinn to make vulgar jokes while filming their TruTV series, "Impractical Jokers." For this reason, it may not be surprising the show's international titles are rather raunchy. 

While speaking to Deadline in February 2023 alongside Vulcano and Quinn, Murray noted that the series has a diverse viewership from over 100 countries. "Oftentimes in our languages, there is no translation for impractical. It's an unusual word, even in English, right?" he explained. "So they rename the show to hilarious results. In Belgium, the show translates to 'Four D****,' and in Holland the show is called 'The F***ers.'"

Murray then confided he preferred both those titles to what the show is called in the United States. Vulcano also shared that he was not fond of the title. "That name was thrust upon us in the early stages of the network. We were like, who even uses the word impractical? It felt so clunky to us. To be honest, out of the gate, the show was originally called 'Mission Uncomfortable,'" explained the comedian.

Quinn chimed in that he filmed Vulcano's initial response to finding out that their program would be called "Impractical Jokers." "[Y]ou hear me behind the camera going 'it's Impractical Jokers.' He's like, 'no that's terrible. I hate it,'" shared the "Tell 'Em Steve-Dave!" podcast co-host.

James Murray shared Impractical Jokers is now more 'family friendly'

During the Deadline interview, James Murray acknowledged that he and his castmates have toned down the vulgarity of the series as years have passed. "The show has also become more family friendly. We didn't imagine that one day it would become a family co-viewing show. So we kind of feel that responsibility to our fanbase," shared Murray.

In a June 2020 interview with Star Sessions, Murray explained that despite his and his co-stars' tendency to make somewhat offensive jokes, the intention of the show is not to be cruel. He noted that most hidden camera shows tend to belittle and embarrass those unaware they are being filmed. He shared that he, Sal Vulcano, Brian Quinn, and their former castmate Joe Gatto did not enjoy that aspect of prank shows. "What we hated about other camera shows is that you really feel terrible for the people getting pranked. But in our show, we're pranking ourselves," Murray said.

Vulcano also shared that he does not want to disrespect the unwilling participants on the series during a February 2023 appearance on the "Take Your Shoes Off" podcast. He explained that he and his castmates are not interested in angering those unwittingly involved with their pranks.