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Star Trek: Picard Could Break A Giant Awards Drought For The Franchise

The legend of "Star Trek" reaches across decades of pop culture, creating memorable performances. While it may have inspired many to imagine the possibilities of science and technology, the franchise hasn't exactly been a favorite among Emmy voters; that's an especially striking detail considering the generally favorable response to the various series as well as certain films. In fact, the drought of Emmy acting nominations goes back to 1969 when Leonard Nimoy was nominated for outstanding continued performance by an actor in a supporting role in a series. However, "Star Trek: Picard" could change all that with two performances that are generating buzz.

Michelle Forbes' return as Ro Laren has been embraced by viewers and critics alike. Her reappearance in the "Star Trek" universe brought up long-debated theories about the character. Instead of walking into a nostalgia trap, the series gives Forbes a chance to portray Ro with depth and emotional veracity; her moments with Picard (Patrick Stewart) not only revisit some of their most serious issues but also deal with them in an unflinching way. Similarly, Amanda Plummer offers yet another performance that is winning raves. As Vadic, Plummer presents an ominous villain whose changeling status makes them all the more impressive. Much like Forbes, her appearance in Season 3 has been met with almost unanimous acclaim.

Both actresses are very familiar with Emmy success

This is far from Michelle Forbes and Amanda Plummer's first experiences with the Emmys. Forbes previously received an acting nomination in 2011 for "The Killing." Her performance as a grieving mother received critical praise before garnering that all-important nomination. It also marked a chance for her to shine in a dramatic series worlds apart from her most famous role. If nominated this time, she could face some steep competition — including co-star Plummer.

Plummer's work on "Picard" comes with a familiar connection; her father — the late Christopher Plummer — appeared in "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country." It could be argued that her performance as Vadic is even more iconic with her anger covered in ferocious dialogue. Another element in her favor is three previous Emmy wins — the closest in terms of genres goes back to a performance in "The Outer Limits." This anthology comes together with genres like sci-fi and horror represented — something unfortunately overlooked by voters. Coming back with a nomination for a respected sci-fi property could be not only a major reward for Plummer but a start towards recognizing genre work.