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90 Day Fiance Michael And Sarah's Tumultuous Prenup Mediation

Like many couples on TLC's "90 Day Fiancé," Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio don't have the easiest time when she moves from Brazil to Connecticut on a K-1 visa. There's a 20-year age gap and a massive discrepancy regarding wealth. While Custodio, who modeled in Brazil, has very little to her name, Jessen is a wealthy entrepreneur in the wine industry.

It's because of this that his ex-wife Sarah, who fears Custodio might just be in it for a green card, urges him to sign a prenuptial agreement. In an effort to make the process as fair as possible, they meet with a mediator. Jessen makes it clear that he wants his own bank account and for his future wife's name to be excluded from his assets.

The tables turn on Jessen when the mediator stresses, "Prenuptial agreements have to be fair. You can't just write Juliana out of everything." In another blow to Jessen, Custodio reveals that she doesn't want to rely financially on Jessen, especially after he previously left her with no support. Additionally, if her modeling career takes off in the U.S., she wants those assets to remain in her name only.

After this Season 7 episode aired, "90 Day Fiancé" fans had some strong thoughts over who was right in this sticky situation.

90 Day Fiance fans have differing opinions on the prenup agreement

Unlike Michael Jessen's ideal prenuptial agreement, "90 Day Fiancé" viewers are evenly split in their opinions. Some feel that Juliana Custodio was only in the relationship for money, and therefore Jessen had every right to protect his assets. On the other hand, many believe his approach to the prenuptial agreement was extremely harsh.

On Reddit, u/abunchofthoughts, a prime example of the former, said, "Juliana acts like she doesn't understand the concept of a prenup but she understood the concept of using his credit card to buy a car?" U/ArmelleDior is on the other side: "...the point of marriage is to have a certain security, and he is pretty much telling her you get none of the perks of being married to me and if you leave you get nothing. At this point why even get married?"

Other fans see both sides. They think a prenup was a good idea, but Jessen went about it all wrong. This should've been a topic of discussion between him (not his ex-wife) and Custodio while she was still in Brazil.

Regardless, all this preparation for the future was for naught. Custodio filed for divorce on Valentine's Day 2022 and moved on with Ben Obscura, with whom she welcomed a child.