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Why Zion Miller From Ginny & Georgia Looks So Familiar

The Netflix drama series "Ginny & Georgia" puts the mother-daughter relationship between the two title characters, 30-something Georgia (Brianne Howey) and teenage Ginny (Antonia Gentry) front and center. All in all, it's clear from the get-go that Georgia, as a single mother, has done the bulk of the raising of her kids. However, Ginny's father, travel photographer Zion Miller, portrayed by Nathan Mitchell, is not entirely out of the picture.

While Zion shows up in some flashbacks earlier in the season (played by Kyle Bary), adult Zion comes into the mix in Season 1 Episode 7, "Happy Sweet Sixteen, Jerk." After he arrives in town, Ginny becomes worried that her parents may get back together, despite Georgia being in a relationship with Paul (Scott Porter) — and her fears turn out to be right: Georgia and Zion sleep together after Georgia has a fight with Paul. In the next episode, Zion tells Georgia he wants them to settle down together but he changes his mind, leading himself to think that he is holding her back, and leaves. In Season 2, Zion has an even bigger role, with Ginny and her brother Austin (Diesel La Torraca) even living with him at the start of the season.

Fans of "Ginny & Georgia" may have been struck by how familiar Zion looks while watching the first two seasons. So what else has Mitchell been in besides "Ginny & Georgia"?

Mitchell showed up in Arrow

In 2014, Mitchell appeared in two episodes of "Arrow," the CW superhero show about costumed crime fighter Oliver Queen, aka the Green Arrow (Stephen Amell), the DC comics character. Mitchell played Isaac Stanzler, a rogue vigilante. Isaac ultimately dies after being shot by Carrie Cutter (Amy Gumenick), a former police officer and S.W.A.T member who is obsessed with catching Arrow, with a bow and arrow as a message to Arrow — she even dressed Isaac up in a costume similar to Arrow's.

In a 2017 interview with Entertainment LA, Mitchell discussed what his stint on "Arrow" was like. Mitchell said, "'Arrow' was an awesome show to be a part of as well ... It was exhilarating getting to be a part of the DC Comics Universe and bring comic book lore to life."

Further, one of his best memories from the show is getting to act out Isaac's showdown with Roy Harper (Colton Haynes), the former sidekick of Oliver Queen — namely because it related directly to his love of comic books. Mitchell explained, "Isaac's showdown with Roy was epic for a couple of reasons. The fighting sequences were off the chart. But one of my favorite shows is the animated series 'Young Justice.' Roy Harper is also a character in that show and goes by the name of Arsenal. During our fight I got to call him Arsenal for the first time in the series. So I effectively named a superhero. I was nerding out inside."

Mitchell guest starred on Supernatural

In 2017, Mitchell showed up on another popular series: "Supernatural," the CW show about two brothers, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) who hunt down demons, ghosts and all other supernatural entities. Mitchell first showed up in Season 12 Episode 15, "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell" and played Kelvin, an angel. Kelvin approaches Castiel (Misha Collins), another angel, and tries to get him to stop helping the Winchesters and come back to Heaven.

Kelvin shows up again in Season 12 Episode 19, "The Future." In this episode, Kelvin and Castiel are working toward a plan that will help Heaven (even though Castiel claims he is only involved because it will help the Winchesters too), which involves killing a Prince of Hell named Dagon (Ali Ahn). However, in the midst of the plan, Dagon captures Kelvin and proceeds to torture him for information about Castiel's whereabouts. Eventually, Dagon kills Kelvin, leaving Castiel to work alone in the plan.

Mitchell plays Black Noir on The Boys

By far, Mitchell's most recognizable role to date is his current role on "The Boys," the Prime Video superhero series, based on the comic book of the same name by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, that follows a group of vigilantes who target the superheroes who are abusing their powers. Mitchell plays Black Noir, a mute superhero who's a member of the antagonistic group, The Seven. Black Noir is a stealthy ninja-like superhero with super strength and heightened senses.

In an interview with Nightmarish Conjurings, Mitchell discussed all things "The Boys," including his favorite part about playing Black Noir. According to the actor, he is most drawn to moments of surprise. Mitchell explained, "My favorite part is the moments of randomness and awkwardness that I get to bring to him because you don't expect that. You see this ... it's like a singular vibe, dark, menacing, you know, this like Ninja that could just rip you to shreds. I have fun playing with the other moments, the moments they counter those expectations."

Further, in an interview with Black Girl Nerds, Mitchell discussed the fact that he was not expecting how much of a fan favorite Black Noir ended up being — but that he loves it. Mitchell said, "All you can do is put your heart into [characters], care about them, and commit as much as you can. Then it's up to people how they receive it ... I was surprised by how connected people were to the character. It was really touching."