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Here's Where You Can Stream Every Episode Of Power Rangers: Samurai

The Power Rangers have seen several incarnations — each one adding more lore to their expansive universe. "Power Rangers: Samurai" represents an important chapter in the franchise. Not only did the series offer a storyline grounded in events prior to Angel Grove's existence, but it also ushered in a new era for the heroes, finding a home with channels like Nickelodeon and Nicktoons. These seasons are known as "Power Rangers Samurai" and "Power Rangers Super Samurai" respectively.

These Rangers battle the centuries-old villains known as Nighloks, who have had beef with The Power Rangers' ancestors for generations. While the series may not be the most popular, there are aspects that grew its legend. Ultimately, interest in past seasons has propelled fans to revisit less-notable entries. It's also prompted a "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" reunion movie. 

Since airing on Nickelodeon, "Power Rangers: Samurai" is available in various home entertainment formats. The property also found its way to the video game market thanks to a tie-in. As of early 2023, "Power Rangers Samurai" cannot be streamed, but it can be purchased digitally on Amazon Prime and Vudu.

Options are more limited for the second season

Episodes of "Power Rangers Samurai" are available for purchase on both Amazon Prime Video and Vudu. The latter does not feature a full season but makes up for it with choices in picture quality — both SD and HDX versions are listed. Prime Video has the upper hand for anyone in search of a full season for their collection. The service offers both a full-season purchase as well as single-episode purchase options. Much like Vudu, users can buy all episodes in both HD and SD formats.

All "Power Rangers Super Samurai" episodes are also currently available on Amazon Prime Video. No rental options are listed as of 2023, but viewers have other choices about their selection. Episodes are listed for sale separately, or the whole season can be bought for one price. Keep in mind that these episodes are only in SD format, and there is no information about upcoming HD alternatives.