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Grant Gustin Debunks Flash Movie Cameo Rumors

DC's character known as the Flash certainly has a lot more going for him than just being an incredibly fast runner. For those that have watched either version of "Justice League," one can see that the Flash (Ezra Miller) is able to move so quickly that he can dodge projectiles, evade powerful individuals like Superman, and even generate an overwhelming amount of energy. However, for comic fans, the Flash can do even more, and it looks like the upcoming movie "The Flash" is definitely leaning into these Speed Force-based powers.

Although Miller is the live-action version of the character in the DC movies, Grant Gustin has long been the character in CW's "Arrowverse" franchise of shows. Considering that the trailer for "The Flash" highlights Michael Keaton's return to the character, many have speculated if there is a chance for Gustin's iteration to pop up, but unfortunately, it looks like fans shouldn't get their hopes up. Speaking with TVLine, Gustin was asked if he is in "The Flash," and he replied, "No! Yeah, there have been a lot of rumors out there for a long time. No one has come out directly and asked me, like ever on the record. People ask me on the street all the time, and yeah, I'm not keeping some big elaborate secret."

Fans always thought that since Miller popped up in the TV show, Gustin would pop up in the movie

Speculation has long run rampant when it comes to Grant Gustin's possible appearance in "The Flash" movie, especially since Ezra Miller made a cameo appearance in "The Flash" television show. This is on account of those imbued with the Speed Force often learning how to vibrate themselves into other planes of existence, which allows for several Flash characters to share the same moniker and at the same time provide familiar aid. Several publications have long wondered if Gustin would pop up, with some pointing to some tenuous threads as definitive proof. However, as mentioned earlier, Gustin has now wholeheartedly refuted these claims, much to the dismay of his fans and proponents.

Surprisingly, even though the trailer for "The Flash" promises that Keaton is back as Batman, it seems like there is another Batman in the movie as well. During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ben Affleck let it drop that he is also in "The Flash" as Batman by saying, "Yeah, I did finally figure out how to play that character, and I nailed it in 'The Flash.' For the five minutes I'm there, it's really great. A lot of it's just tone. You've got to figure out, what's your version of the person? Who is the guy that fits what you can do? I tried to fit myself into a Batman." Although it sounds like Gustin won't be sharing the screen with Miller again, it is likely that "The Flash" has a few more surprises in store.