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Yellowstone Fans Think Lloyd Deserves Better

In the questionable world of Taylor Sheridan's "Yellowstone," loyalty is the only form of currency these cattle rustlers seem to understand. Loyalty, however, only seems to extend to John Dutton's (Kevin Costner) love for his outrageously depraved children. Though ranch hand Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith) has been working on the Yellowstone for decades and earned the Y brand of the inner circle, he receives brutal punishment after a love triangle turns deadly. Barrel racer Laramie (Hassie Harrison) was once the object of Lloyd's affection, but she quickly snubs him for younger Walker (Ryan Bingham). In a fit of passion, Lloyd attacks Walker and though he survives, foreman Rip (Cole Hauser) gives his friend no quarter. "Yellowstone" fans seem to be able to endure any trials thrown their way, but many on Reddit could not stand this injustice.

"[S]o your telling me Lloyd, the oldest hand on the ranch whose been there probably most of his adult life, is going to be stomped on like a greenhorn by Rip," u/renkilljoy seethed. Fans weren't debating that Lloyd was innocent in the encounter, but after all his service to the ranch, he deserves better than this.

"I agree Lloyd should not have gotten so angry at walker but he is a loyal soldier," u/Scrapalicious argued. After sacrificing and murdering for the ranch, Lloyd gets no appreciation. The Redditor argued that it wasn't just the punishment that was the issue, but rather John and Rip's lack of loyalty.

Rip's betrayal cuts the deepest

Out of the Yellowstone ranchers, Rip and Lloyd have the closest bond. They have been working there the longest and are the most committed to John's way of life. But this relationship seems to be no match for the gladiatorial style of Yellowstone. When it comes down to it, it's obvious Rip holds John's bottom line in higher regard than the suffering of others.

"Lloyd was done dirty," u/AdelaideShi wrote. "Yes, he's the top hand, been there the longest and knows the rules better than anyone. But this guy whose had everyone's back (not just Jon and Rip), and they don't have his back when Laramie jumps to Walker?" Knowing his friend is in pain, Rip still goes too far in punishing him. He tosses Lloyd around the bunkhouse and purposefully mutilates his hand for good measure. 

U/DarkhamKnight noted this was a far cry from other bonding scenes between the two, stating, "[W]hatever happened to the storyline with Rip's wedding and Lloyd being his best man? It's like that moment never happened." Rip's failings don't just stop there. His cold-hearted brutality doesn't make him a good foreman. Instead, he fails his important work by watching things get out of hand and doing nothing until it comes time to punish Lloyd. "This is all on Rip," u/Eothric added. "His job is to manage the bunkhouse, and he let things get out of control, for far too long."