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The Boys' Showrunner Doesn't Think Season 3 Is The Last Time We Will See Maeve

"The Boys" Season 3 puts Maeve's (Dominique McElligott) character arc front and center, as she fully commits to taking down Homelander (Antony Starr) once and for all. In a nice change of pace for the mature superhero series, she gets a happy ending, losing her powers and running away with her girlfriend. While it may seem like Maeve is down for the count for future seasons, "The Boys" showrunner Eric Kripke teased that fans haven't seen the last of the former heroine.

"I don't think 'The Boys' will end without Maeve showing up again," Kripke told Variety. "We needed a way to sort of gracefully get Maeve out of the show, let her head for the exit. Obviously, we didn't want to kill her and fall into the tropes of gay characters and bisexual characters in shows getting killed. We wanted to do the opposite of that and send her off and give her a happy ending with Elena."

Kripke goes on to say that with Maeve out of the picture, all of Starlight's (Erin Moriarty) mentors and protectors are gone, allowing the young hero to step into her own.

How does Maeve's story compare to her comic book counterpart?

Sick and twisted is a pretty good summary of "The Boys" graphic novels, meaning Eric Kripke took many creative liberties when bringing it to life on Prime Video. This resulted in many differences between "The Boys" comic and the show, but many changes were for the best.

Queen Maeve is just one of many characters that the TV show arguably does better than the comics. The two share some similarities, like their alcoholism, but the live-action version struggles with her addiction, trying to kick her nasty habit. In the comics, Maeve isn't an LGBTQ+ character, spending much of her time sleeping with countless male heroes. Similar to "The Boys," comic book Maeve had a relationship with Homelander, which ended horribly, to say the least, prompting her to help The Boys in their fight against The Seven. She eventually meets her end after Homelander decapitates her for protecting Starlight.

It's safe to say that "The Boys" improved Maeve's character in almost every way. Although it may be a while before the show's fans see the former member of The Seven again, she is in good hands with Kripke, who will do the character justice regardless of if she meets her end at the hands of Homelander or not.