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Looper Survey: The Absolute Best Part Of The Super Mario Bros. Movie According To Fans

The verdict on "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" is in — critics aren't very keen on the Nintendo-Illumination flick, but fans are absolutely loving it. While these two camps fall pretty far from each other in terms of opinion, one thing that most can agree on is that the film absolutely stays true to the "Mario" intellectual property far more so than most other video game movie adaptations (including the previous "Mario" movie from 1993). For devoted fans of the franchise, seeing it translated faithfully to the big screen is a treat in itself, but there's naturally some qualities of the movie that elevate it more than others in viewers' eyes.

In a poll conducted by Looper, fans voted for the best part of "The Super Mario Bros. Movie." The top result of the poll was clear, with roughly 49 percent of voters championing the film's nostalgic quality as its greatest attribute. It's certainly true that the movie capitalizes on the memories that many audiences likely made with "Mario" games and Nintendo systems growing up. The cavalcade of classic NES games that get referenced in the movie's opening act sums up this idea perfectly, not to mention the massive list of musical references and deep-cut cameos like Spike from "Wrecking Crew."

Of course, some other fans have a different idea about what "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" does best.

Fans think the animation is top-notch as well

Many voters on the Looper poll for the best part of "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" found its visual presentation to be its strongest quality. The film's animation quality came second in the poll, accruing 33 percent of the overall vote. Indeed, even some of the more critical reviews for the flick have lavished praise on how it looks. Some have even been confident in saying that "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" is Illumination's best-looking project ever and stands above its previous efforts by a fair margin.

Nostalgic elements and animation quality took the lion's share of votes in the poll, but each of the other options garnered a couple of votes between them. The post-credits scene for "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" took 7 percent of the vote for third place as the film's best characteristic, with the sequence-in-question serving as a brief tease at what a potential sequel could entail. After that, both storyline and character voices tied at 5 percent of the vote each, mirroring the general mixed reception to the narrative and casting choices like Chris Pratt as Mario.

Overall, it seems many viewers have different ideas on what specifically makes "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" so special to them, but it's clear that the film does a lot to satisfy longtime "Mario" fans and animation buffs alike.