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Yellowstone: How Taylor Sheridan And Kevin Costner Keep Pressure On Each Other

There's no question that Taylor Sheridan and Kevin Costner are the heart and soul of "Yellowstone," as their work together has helped bring the Dutton family to captivate millions of fans across the world with their fresh take on the modern Western.

The partnership between Sheridan and Costner is one of the series' foundational pillars, as Sheridan's writing drives forward the story, and Costner's iconic performance brings the former's vision to life on screen. According to actor Josh Lucas, the duo is well aware of how fundamental their partnership is to the series — and they are constantly pushing each other to make "Yellowstone" better and better with each passing season.

"[There's] the responsibility of a huge movie star and a brilliant writer who are putting a lot of crazy love and pressure on each other and the show to make something that people love," Lucas told US Weekly. There's a reason why people love it." Indeed, Lucas' comments make it clear that the pair are constantly pushing themselves to make the show as perfect as possible — and their efforts are obvious on the screen.

Their collaboration is reflected in John Dutton's character

Although it's true that Kevin Costner and Taylor Sheridan put pressure on each other to make "Yellowstone" one of the most electric shows in all of television, much of their collaboration seems to be dedicated to the character of John Dutton.

Costner has served as the face of the "Yellowstone" franchise and the Dutton family ever since the very first season, playing the almost "Godfather"-like figure of John (who leads the titular Yellowstone ranch and isn't afraid to use violence and murder to protect it) and Josh Lucas says that the character now reflects the partnership between Sheridan and Costner.

"Taylor has become and Kevin has become John Dutton and John Dutton is as filled with Taylor Sheridan as it is with Kevin Costner," Lucas said. "And so for me, it's finding those connective tissues." The collaboration between Costner and Sheridan is one in which both men put pressure on each other to make "Yellowstone" a great TV show, and nowhere is this connection more apparent than in the powerful, compelling character of John Dutton.