Gold Rush Alaska's Jimmy Dorsey Feels Sorrow (& Pity) Towards Todd Hoffman

Despite being the de facto series lead of "Gold Rush" back in Season 1 (when he took a leap of faith into the incredibly difficult world of gold mining), Todd Hoffman has received a swarm of criticism since his original departure from the series in 2018. Fans have harshly criticized Hoffman and his crew for their allegedly poor management, constant setbacks, and all-around bad gold mining practices.

Even some of Hoffman's fellow miners have piled on their own criticism of the former series lead — with miner Jimmy Dorsey in particular saying that he pities Hoffman for ever joining "Gold Rush" in the first place. "To be honest, today I feel sorry for him," said Dorsey during an interview with Oregon Gold. "I feel sorry that he threw away a lot of relationships in his pursuit of fame and gold." Dorsey also went on to say that Hoffman did not prepare or do the proper research before he leapt headlong into gold mining — something which is very apparent in the first season, with his constant setbacks and mechanical failures.

Although he didn't specify exactly which relationships Hoffman allegedly "threw away" by deciding to chase his dream of becoming a gold miner, Dorsey's comments certainly make it sound like there was plenty of behind-the-scenes drama between Todd Hoffman and those he was closest to.

Dorsey says that Hoffman caused drama behind the scenes

Jimmy Dorsey's comments echo the fan criticism of Todd Hoffman and his crew, claiming that they were woefully unprepared for the dangers and difficulties of gold mining due to Hoffman's bad management style and personal lack of experience.

Dorsey also claimed that, on top of allegedly "throwing away" his close relationships in pursuit of fame and fortune, Hoffman also caused issues behind-the-scenes when he wasn't getting enough screen time. Referencing one particular incident in which Dorsey himself was reamed out by Hoffman after saying that the crew's faulty equipment was going to kill somebody, Dorsey said that the real reason he got screamed at was because Hoffman wanted to be in front of the camera.

"A lot of it was about camera time. When you put a camera in front of people, they get jealous," Dorsey explained. Jimmy Dorsey's claims about Todd Hoffman certainly paint the former "Gold Rush" frontman in a more negative light than the series would have us believe — and fans will no doubt wonder how much truth there is in these allegations of behind-the-scenes drama on "Gold Rush."