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Rick And Morty's Squid Wars Episode Had Fans Buzzing Over The Decoys

When "Rick and Morty" fans tuned in to watch the "Mortiplycity" episode in Season 5, each was quickly introduced to copies of their favorite characters being hunted down and killed. The Squid Wars events that followed throughout the entry featured a smorgasbord of decoys, some better crafted than others. The hilarious onslaught of copy-on-copy mayhem led to an unexpected uproar among certain viewers.

While the series fans loved the irony of the ultimate heist crew scene, and many couldn't stop raving about how the Bechdel Test moment blew them away, the hilarious and cleverly cultivated Squid Wars ordeal also ranks as one of the more intriguing endeavors from the Adult Swim show. Critics like IndieWire hailed the entry as "one of the show's best episodes in years," but the reaction received by fans was shockingly much more complex. 

Following the decoy-ridden narrative, where other decoys constantly attack copies of the characters to thwart the murderous efforts of alien squid beings, who are just decoys in disguise, was not easy and ended up causing quite a stir online. In the comments section of a clip from the episode on YouTube, there were various interesting takeaways ranging from "This episode was a masterpiece," to "I'm so confused about the decoy explanation," from another YouTuber. And then some people, like user Cobalt Prime summed up their thoughts with, "The word decoy has lost all meaning to me." But others went a bit further with their analysis of the decoy conundrum.

Fans deeply discussed the decoy dilemma diligently

There was plenty of chatter regarding the "Mortiplicty" episode, and despite the decoy-heavy storyline wrapping up the replica-related mess, some couldn't help but question the premise, like YouTube User Arabian Nights, who posted "If decoys say they made decoys to escape killer squid aliens, and the killer squid aliens are also decoys, what were the decoys really created for?" 

While several were baffled by the Squid Wars debacle, others who comprehended the Asimov Cascade concept couldn't help but expand on it. The idea revolving around the chaos that would ensue if decoys built decoys of themselves until it got out of control was very well displayed, leading to user Squid Ink's fascinating idea regarding the Isaac Asimov reference from the episode, "This episode would've reached a whole new level of meta if the whole earth was a decoy and it's just rick testing if a decoy family would cause an Asimov cascade."

Then some fans just wanted to have fun with the decoy situation, like YouTuber A.M., who posted, I played a drinking game where we had to take a shot every time "decoy" was said. I got s*** wasted when this scene came on. And, of course, there was User S K, who claimed it was the creators of the series sending a message, posting in a comment, "This is the creator's way of saying, "If you try to copy 'Rick and Morty' all you're going to get is a s*** show. Only the original is the one." The episode spoke to fans on many levels but proved that fans would not be easily fooled by any "Rick and Morty" decoys because they prefer the real thing over any imitators.