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Blue Beetle Fans Are Loving The Wholesome Family Connection

DC's official trailer for "Blue Beetle" has taken the internet by storm, rocketing to 10 Million views in just two days and introducing fans to the latest incarnation of Jamie Reyes (Xolo Maridueña) – a college graduate whose life changes forever when he becomes the host of a strange mechanical beetle, transforming him into the titular superhero.

We see this transformation firsthand in the trailer, and (unlike most superhero films) his transformation into the Blue Beetle occurs in direct view of his entire family. Fans online were delighted by this twist on the classic superhero trope of hiding your identity from the rest of the family, saying that this connection was extremely wholesome and unlike anything they'd seen in other superhero films. "The family knowing from the beginning that he's a superhero, and being fully supportive and helping him... is a breath of fresh air and wholesome!" wrote one commenter on YouTube. "I like how his whole family watches him transform into Blue Beetle. It's actually one of the few moments you see superheroes and their families get involved," echoed @whoisyouranime.

Other users, throughout the comments, praised the way the movie kept the family involved with this new chapter of Jamie's life, something that was a major component of the comics and apparently an essential part of the film as well.

Fans say this close familial relationship is true to Jamie's heritage

On top of the wholesome nature of Jamie Reyes' family connection (as his entire family continues to support and love him despite his transformation), fans online also praised this twist because of the way it tied into Jamie's heritage – representing the strong familial bonds at the heart of Latin American culture.

"It's cause they are Mexican, that's how we roll," replied @mrmclovin5971 to another commenter who was in disbelief over the family's heavy involvement in Blue Beetle's life. "Latinos in general are like that, even after marriage it's a common thing to keep the bonds and relatives very close," added @DamazioGuitarMan. Indeed, the trailer emphasizes that the entire family is still ready to lay down their lives for Jamie despite the fact that all of their lives are now changed forever -– even helping him work through his newfound gadgets and superhero abilities, as seen in the closing minutes of the trailer.

It's clear that fans online love the closeness of Jamie's family and how they remain involved with his superhero lifestyle. A welcome departure from the classic hidden identity trope and truthful to his Latin American heritage.