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The Good Doctor Fans Are Emotional Over Shawn Referring To Glassman As His Father

Friendship, and who is eventually considered family, are choices that everybody is faced with. Even those who struggle with forming lasting bonds with others may find themselves slowly coming around as they become more and more familiar with people and their surroundings. Primarily focusing on Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore), "The Good Doctor" is all about his incredible medical skills and how he must balance that with an autism diagnosis. It also focuses on the relationships Murphy makes throughout the series.

Throughout "The Good Doctor," one of the most consistent things in Shaun's life is Dr. Aaron Glassman (Richard Schiff). In the most recent episode, "A Blip," one of the plots involves the possibility of Glassman having cancer, and even though he isn't keen on being tested, Murphy pleads with him to go through the process. 

At the end of the episode, Murphy states that he is afraid for Glassman because Murphy is about to become a father, and he doesn't want to lose his own anytime soon. Although Glassman isn't Murphy's biological father, he has always been there for him through thick and thin, and such an admission on Murphy's behalf has tugged on the heartstrings of the audience, who have taken to Twitter to express their emotions, like @cem_nouri, who wrote, "One of the most moving lines I've heard in a long time."

Fans became overwhelmed with emotions from Shaun's pleading

Of course such a tender moment shared between Shaun Murphy and Aaron Glassman will be noticed by many, especially considering the amount of growth the two characters have had on a personal level. Continuing the conversation on Twitter, @petalquartzdove adored this scene. 

"Every episode of #TheGoodDoctor has an emotional gut punch, usually at the end," they posted. "'It would be hard to lose my father ... just as I'm about to become one.' BOOM."

Many others felt the same way, like @photoswiftie97, who said that Shaun's comment to Aaron shattered their heart with such a powerful feeling, and they added that the writers are doing an exceptional job with the show. @ClassyLittle1 shared this same thought, and they wrote that viewers everywhere felt Murphy calling Glassman his father. @chocolateluvn86 loved this episode of "The Good Doctor" as well, and they explained that their tears wouldn't stop because of the aforementioned interaction. 

Meanwhile, @Zos4Life wondered if this was the first time ever that Shaun called Aaron his father. Thankfully, another fan, @dvingiani, had an answer to this question.  

"The first one was actually in the Season 5 finale 'Sons,'" they posted. "I consider this to be the third time if we also take into account Shaun telling Glassy that he considers him the baby's grandfather. But I still haven't heard Glassy calling Shaun his son, though." 

One thing is for certain though. Fans are overwhelmed in a positive way at this admission from Murphy to Glassman.