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Muppets Mayhem Teaser Brings Back The Electric Mayhem For New Disney+ Series

There are few things are universally beloved as the Muppets, and it looks like there will be a heaping dose of some musically inclined Muppets soon on the horizon. Having just released a teaser trailer on YouTube, this upcoming show "Muppets Mayhem" will focus on the musical group known as the Electric Mayhem. That means that it is time to play the music, turn on the lights, dress up right, and to raise the curtain!

"The Muppet Show" references aside, this trailer mentions the long running popularity of the Electric Mayhem, and as the teaser progresses, one can see all the trappings of a hard rock band. Levels are checked, equipment is plugged, the low growl of the crowd, and a dial being pushed to 11.5, which should make the fans of Spinal Tap quite proud in this endeavor. Through this brief clip, the members of the Electric Mayhem are seen driving, rocking, yelling into microphones, handing out flowers, and being adored by massive crowds. Of course when they are all on camera and an off-screen voice asks for action, the members of the Electric Mayhem stand there without a single motion and appear as proverbial deer in highlights.

Muppet Mayhem will focus on the band and not the original variety show

As the teaser for "Muppets Mayhem" comes to a close, viewers can see that this upcoming series is scheduled for a release on May 10, 2023, and all episodes will be immediately available. For longtime fans of Muppet world, a smile might creep upon their face after seeing all of the original characters from the Electric Mayhem return, which includes Dr. Teeth, Lips, Animal, Floyd Pepper, Janice, and Zoot. The fulcrum of this new series will show how Electric Mayhem adapts to modern times. It should prove entertaining to see these highly animated Muppets deal with things like social media and a long and storied musical career that has spanned decades.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, series creator Adam F. Goldberg explained that even though "Muppets Mayhem" is using characters featured prominently on the old school "Muppets Show," this new series will have much more of a laser focus. Goldberg explained, "This is just about the band specifically." They continued, "We're telling a very small story about this band and where they've been and where they're going. It is about the band and not the tone of a variety show."