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Blue Bloods Fans Are Loving Frank's Storyline In S13 Episode 16

Tom Selleck has said in the past that "Blue Bloods" would be a very show if it aired in the '80s. This probably means there is a good chance that his character, Commissioner Frank Reagan, wouldn't have had to manage a revealing online scandal within the department, like the situation that unfolded in Episode 16, Season 13, ("The Naked Truth"), which fans absolutely loved.

In the entry, Frank is forced to decide whether or not a good cop should keep her job over the fact that she also makes money off posing in nude photos for viewers online. But it turns out Officer Carlie Gillson (Sofia Vassilieva) isn't posting the steamy pics for the money or the attention, but to take care of her sick mother. The force is pretty split on their feelings about the officer staying on the job, but Frank ultimately decides to forbid her from quitting. 

The exciting arc was met with an excellent reception from fans. Over on Reddit, u/Zaiah_black posted, "I loved the Frank Storyline. Those are starting to feel like the best ones in this season. If it's not illegal. It's nobody's business what you do on the side when you're a cop off duty. If it's not affecting her job who cares?" On Twitter, @Sportsinthings1 commended both the episode and Frank's thinking in a post, saying, "Frank not firing Gillson was the right call. What she does on her time is her business great episode of BlueBloods." @Dueler32 also agreed, posting, "Wow. Frank really made a big decision there." But they weren't the only ones that had strong opinions about how this sensitive issue was handled.

Frank got a lot of love online for his policing policy on nude pics

While the subject matter of the episode may have been a bit risque for fans of "Blue Bloods" and could very well have left some people feeling uneasy about how it all went down with Frank and the naked pictures, some really didn't seem to see any issue with the long-running CBS series taking on that kind of subject matter. u/Isosceles_Kramer79 posted on Reddit in a discussion writing, "The OnlyFans expy did not bother me, as I happen to agree that we tend to be way too prudish in America on those things." Other people chimed in and added to that sentiment, like u/MikeARadio, who posted, "I actually loved the Frank storyline and the way it ended. What you do in your own time is your business.... it's moves like what Frank did that will help change the rules in a changing world. Like his kids said at the table." It does seem like many "Blue Bloods" fans agree with Frank's take on the matter.

But others even went a bit further, saying that there should not need to be any heart-wrenching justification for participating in those types of online activities. u/lifeinwentworth wrote, "I wish they hadn't chucked in the thing about how she was doing it for her sick mum or whatever. Why can't she just want to make money to live and that be respectful? Why is it only acceptable if there's a serious enough 'justification' like sick relative?" 

It's pretty apparent that "The Naked Truth" has resulted in some fascinating questions and realizations about the situation. However, not every fan everyone saw it that way.

Not everyone thought Frank made right call

While it was clear many people enjoyed Frank Reagan's storyline and the episode overall, some out there reacted much differently to "The Naked Truth." There happens to be an adamant amount of resentment toward the eye-opening narrative, mostly focusing on their frustration with the direction they decided to take with Frank.

One Reddit User wrote, "It wasn't what I expected Frank to say, but then I realized the writers were trying to make him seem more mainstream." Another passionate individual, u/Wonderful-Problem777, posted their thoughts, writing, "I rolled my eyes when the subject was broached and had a feeling they'd turn it into a thing and try to normalize it cause it's Hollywood. It's so dumb, and it's completely out of character for Francis to behave the way that he did." The same user later added in the discussion, "Part of me was shocked that they went the direction they did, and another part of me expected it. It doesn't like ruin the show for me or anything, but it did annoy me."

While his overall decision may be up for debate, there is no denying handling these matters is no easy ordeal. Luckily, fans will have plenty more of his decisions to comment on, as "Blue Bloods" has been renewed for a 14th season.