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Dungeons & Dragons: HAT's Justice Smith Tricked Hugh Grant Into Thinking He Was British

Treachery and underhandedness abound in "Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves," and it would appear those philosophies extended into the actual cast interactions. Forge (Hugh Grant) and Simon (Justice Smith) are former allies in the film who soon find themselves at odds with one another. As it turns out, the two actors also had a unique relationship when the cameras weren't rolling, as Grant couldn't figure out whether Smith was British or not.

The cast of "D&D" hunt out with BuzzFeed UK to answer questions in the style of a Jenga game. When asked who the most fun on set was, Grant displayed his usual dry British wit by claiming no one could be more fun than him. However, as far as the cast member who took him by the most surprise, he admitted it was Smith, saying, "I literally didn't know if he was English or American. He's American, but he was playing it British. I, God knows why, and stayed British off camera, and he really dipped with me." The two were on friendlier terms than most might realize. 

Hugh Grant would give Justice Smith a kiss good morning

Chemistry among the cast is of the utmost importance when it comes to ensemble films like "Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves," and one of the greatest friendships to emerge out of the movie is the one between Hugh Grant and Justice Smith. While some might have been annoyed at Smith using a fake accent off-camera, Grant said he appreciated it. He even went on to say, "I always gave him a kiss good morning."

And it would appear the feelings of friendship are mutual. At the red carpet premiere of "Honor Among Thieves," Smith was asked by HeyUGuys what it was like to work alongside Grant, and he admitted, "When I first met him, he's actually very sweet. A lot of people give him a bad rap. He's very sweet. He complimented my accent, which meant a lot to me. And then he told me a story that I cannot repeat for the life of me because it's incredibly profane, but it was hilarious."

Anyone who knows of Grant's exploits in the '90s can certainly attest to him having experience with profane stories, but he at least sounds like a decent fellow to act alongside. "Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves" is playing in theaters now.