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Unseen: Netflix Viewers Praise Gail Mabalane's Performance In The Crime Thriller

Love is one of the most potent emotions that a human being can experience, and it can stir all manner of motivations. Some might do whatever it takes to protect their loved ones, others might make sure that they find justice, while others might think that life is only worth living on account of love. However, when all these aspects of love converge, audiences are treated to the thrillers like the Netflix series "Unseen," which focuses on Zenzi Mwale (Gail Mabalane). Checking out the trailer on YouTube, one can see that "Unseen" is all about Zenzi's attempts to find out what happened to her husband, who was just released from prison but disappeared without a trace. 

However, Zenzi begins to uncover a vast conspiracy as she searches, and she starts to wonder what exactly her husband was involved with as she goes deeper and deeper into the proverbial rabbit hole. Zenzi isn't some kind of mercenary or professional soldier like Liam Neeson in the "Taken" franchise; instead, she is simply a cleaning lady who loves her husband, which means that she quickly finds herself in unfamiliar territory.

Luckily, "Unseen" allows Mabalane to truly get into Zenzi's thoughts and emotions, and in the eyes of some viewers, Mabalance offers up a powerful performance worthy of admiration. On Twitter, @MasechabaAfrica wrote, "I have just completed the series. A MUST watch. World-class story-telling powerfully executed by @GailMabalane and the entire cast and crew!"

Some audience members believe Mabalane deserves awards for Unseen

Continuing on Twitter, many others were also ecstatic upon seeing Mabalane's efforts as Zenzi, like @BekithembaZ, who tweeted, "I'm seeing Gail Mabalane relentlessly and passionately promoting her film #UNSEEN. It's on her IG, Twitter and she's intentional about it. That's the dedication we should instill in our goals and dreams. Cheering for ourselves. Watch #UNSEENnetflix Please." @BraHlonisky levied some serious praise upon Mabalane, and said that the actress should be given an Oscar for her performance in "Unseen."

@Shawn89838500 took things a step further by posting two poster-style images for "Unseen," and suggested that anybody who hasn't watched this latest Netflix offering is doing a tremendous disservice to themselves and that Mabalane did an absolutely stellar job as Zenzi. @akon_dalasile added that Mabalane is a fantastic actress, while @davidscindy47 noted that the binged "Unseen" over the course of one day. They continued that they felt like the story and acting were top-notch and that they cannot wait for a Season 2.

Ultimately, several of those that have seen "Unseen" love the series and Mabalane's multifaceted acting, and @NyikoooP probably sums up much of the discussion by posting, "Appreciation tweet For Gail Mabalane .... she is giving her all and beyond on #Unseen Netflix." These comments definitely highlight that "Unseen" is a Netflix gem worth watching.