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Yellowjackets: The Feast Of [SPOILER] Left Fans Completely Stunned

This article contains spoilers for "Yellowjackets" Season 2 Episode 1, titled "Edible Complex."

Well, the Yellowjackets finally did it. The Showtime series has been teasing the girls going down the cannibalistic route since Season 1 and after tons of speculation and anticipation, the starving high school soccer team finally ate one of their own. In the aptly titled "Edible Complex," the survivors discover that Shauna (Sophie Nélisse) has been playing make-believe with Jackie's (Ella Purnell) cold corpse. Feeling that Shauna's expression of grief was wavering into extremely creepy territory, the teens decide it's best to cremate Jackie.

While Jackie's body burns during the day, a chunk of snow falls on the pyre at night, extinguishing the flame. Soon after, the scent of Jackie's barbecued body hits the sleepy noses of the Yellowjackets, who wake up in a fever, ready to eat their former captain. It's a kinetic, haunting moment, as the gang's ravenous appetite manifests as they chew down on someone they called friend. Jackie's feast is "Yellowjacket's" first significant act of cannibalism and fans are completely stunned by how it went down.

"WHAT THE [expletive] IS GOING ON WHAT IS GOING ON THEYRE EATING HER BURNT CORPSE TO [expletive] RADIOHEAD," screamed user @aantlerqueen into the void that is Twitter. As chaotic and intense as Jackie's feast was, some fans were able to appreciate just how well-made the sequence was. "The artistic direction for the Cannibal feast was so stunning, it also got the point across so well without excessive gore," shared user u/butterwuth on the show's fan subreddit.

Jackie's feast has left fans emotional

One thing that fans can't ignore? How adult Shauna (Melanie Lynskey) has to spend every year having meals with Jackie's parents, knowing full-well that she ate their daughter. "Wow those annual birthday lunches at Jackie's parent's house were WAY more awkward than we thought," shared user u/wetfloors42. Over on Twitter, one fan lamented how " SHAUNA HAS TO LOOK JACKIES PARENTS IN THE FACE EVERY SINGLE YEAR KNOWING SHE ATE THEIR DAUGHTER." It's truly devastating stuff that likely still haunts Shauna and the rest of the survivors to this day. 

"maybe it's cause im getting older but rewatching that last scene made me cry," expressed user u/lila_rose. "these poor children, out of their minds with grief and pain and fear, malnourished, hallucinating [...] and knowing that they will carry the shame of this with them forever..." Others were occupied by Coach Ben's (Steven Krueger) look of terror as the children dveoured their friend. Ben was notably the only hold-out when it came to eating Jackie. "God can you imagine how terrifying it would be to be the ONLY person out of a big group of people to NOT be down with cannibalism," wrote user u/cucumbersome_ on Ben choosing to starve. A solid theory suggests that Ben will be the next victim of the Yellowjackets, though only time will tell.

As harrowing as the episode was, some fans couldn't help but find the humor in the tragic situation. "Jackie served and the Yellowjackets ate," joked user u/raspberryrustic.

"Yellowjackets" Season 2 continues to air on Showtime.