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HIMYM Theory Suggests This Ted And Victoria Run-In Was No Coincidence

She must have known, right? That "How I Met Your Mother's" Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor; sometimes Bob Saget) would probably be at the Architect's Ball? Victoria (Ashley Williams) must have known that when she signed up to cater the gig. That conniving, deceitful, Brie Larson-looking snake in the grass. She must have known.

At least that's what people are saying over on Reddit. More specifically, that's the accusation that bespoke Reddit user u/Quagmeyer69 tossed out into the public discourse on the r/HIMYM forum. By their way of thinking, Ted's "face had Also been on New York Magazine, so [Victoria] likely knew he was doing well. She had to at least suspect he would be there," with "there" meaning "the Architect's Ball from the season seven episodes 'The Naked Truth' and 'Duckie Tie'" and "she" meaning "Victoria, who agreed to provide desserts for said function."

It's a perfect plan. Almost too perfect. The only question left, as brought up by u/frostcanadian: Why would she do that?

Did Victoria set up all of Season 7 of HIMYM?

Fans of late-stage "How I Met Your Mother" will remember that, by the time that Season 7 of the show rolled around, Ted Mosby and Victoria were not on solid terms. Ted had been unfaithful a little over half a decade prior, and Victoria, understandably, had not been interested in patching things up. In the time since they'd last spoken, Victoria had become engaged to Klaus (Thomas Lennon) and pretty well moved on with her life. So why would she purposely set herself up to be in the same room as the guy who treated her so badly?

For answers, we turn to back to Reddit, where the original poster speculates that Victoria got exactly what she wanted out of the interaction. She arranged for their paths to cross "to do what she did. [She was] nervous about being proposed to and maybe looking for a way out."

Does it pass the smell test? Sort of. By the end of the season, Victoria would abandon her fiance on her wedding day in favor of riding off into the sunset with Ted, albeit for a short time. Maybe that's what she wanted all along.

Or maybe, as u/ph34r807 points out, "It had nothing to do with Ted and everything to do with a Mister Kravitz" being at the party. That guy is, after all, a rock star.