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Rick And Morty: Fans Are Still Recovering From Morty And Planetina's Breakup

"Rick and Morty" first introduced fans to Planetina in Season 5, Episode 3, "A Rickconvenient Mort," teasing a happy life for Morty Smith outside of his adventures with Rick. Taking inspiration from "Captain Planet," four people summon Planetina using elemental rings, bringing her forward to save the planet. Morty even goes so far as to kill her abusive summoners, securing their future together as their love grows stronger and stronger. However, things take a turn for the worse as Planetina murders hundreds of coal miners, forcing Morty to end things with her. 

It has been years since "Rick and Morty" gave fans Morty and Planetina's relationship. It only even lasted for just one episode, but they haven't forgotten about what could have been. On Reddit, u/Grand_Composer_1524 posted, "The Planetina breakup absolutely destroyed me, who else felt like that?" admitting they cried after Morty's heart-breaking realization that Planetina is gone. At first, one wouldn't think fans had so many opinions on Morty's episode-long romance, but the thread quickly became a safe place for "Rick and Morty" fans to air their emotions.

Revisiting Morty and Planetina's breakup brought all the emotions back

The therapy session continued in the Reddit thread, with u/Radriark_ writing, "Actually had me crying as well. [I] Watched it with my girlfriend and was just putting myself in [Morty's] shoes for a second and just... no... too much." U/shany94a believes the episode is so gut-wrenching because everyone's been through a similar experience, saying, "That scene still hits me in the feels. We've all experienced heartbreak like that at least once in our lives." For others, like u/IdontDoAnythingAtAll, just reading the original Reddit post made them cry again.

Some fans, u/curiousmind111, for instance, found the moment emotional for an entirely different reason. "It's almost the only time we've seen Beth be a mom to Morty; I found that very touching and very real," they wrote. The intimacy between Morty and his mom hit u/countryguy-georgia in a similar way, saying, "I cried when Beth comforted Morty after that because I miss my mom." 

While u/rabbitwonker admits the moment was emotional, they can't get over how hypocritical Morty's actions were. He breaks up with Planetina because she killed the miners, but he killed all of the Tina-Teers, justifying it because it let the two lovers be together. "Ok, she murders people for her ideology, and yeah, that's horrific – but WTF has Morty been doing in so many episodes?" they said, listing numerous times the titular character has done similar, or worse, things.