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HIMYF Fans Are Expecting Anything But A Straightforward Answer In The End

Hulu's "How I Met Your Father" — the standalone sequel series to "How I Met Your Mother" — has introduced viewers to Sophie (Hilary Duff, Kim Cattrall), who is telling her son the story of how she met his father. In the series premiere, it was revealed that the father is someone that Sophie met within that episode — so Jesse (Christopher Lowell), Sid (Suraj Sharma), or Ian (Daniel Augustin). 

The episode definitely sets up expectations for the father to either be Ian, Sohpie's Tinder date who she quickly develops a deep connection with, or Jesse, who is set up as Sophie's will-they-won't-they. However, if the show's predecessor, "HIMYM," is anything to go off of then fans should certainly keep their minds open for surprises — after all, no one was expecting Ted (Josh Radnor) to end up with Robin (Cobie Smulders) following the death of the mother (Cristin Milioti).

With that in mind, "HIMYF" fans have taken to Reddit to discuss the fact that they really don't see a straightforward ending happening, but rather a plot-twisty one like "HIMYM" — despite them wanting a straightforward ending.

Fans don't see a straightforward love story for Sophie

A fan of "How I Met Your Father" recently took to Reddit to express their desire for a straightforward ending to the series, writing that they've seen a lot of theories that speculate a surprise in the conclusion but that they'd rather it be simpler; u/scarfese continued, "[I] hope whoever is the father they make them likable as a couple and they just have a good relationship, have a kid, and are still together."

The bulk of the fans were in agreement that while they'd prefer a simple ending, they don't foresee one for Sophie. One user wrote, "Sophie just feels like someone who would come by motherhood by a non-traditional route." Another fan, u/Asteriaofthemountain, admitted that, while they first thought it would be pretty straightforward of an ending, they've become more apprehensive as the show has gone on — but they still hope for a straightforward romance. And u/ttttyttt678 brought up a good point, writing, "I think it should be straightforward, but with the overwhelming success of the show I wouldn't be surprised if it gets dragged out as long as possible causing a not straightforward ending."

Meanwhile, u/Frazzledsoul pointed out that Adult Sophie isn't wearing a wedding ring and looks to be living by herself, implying that the path to motherhood may have not been traditional for Sophie. However, they don't think the ending will be as complicated as its predecessor — they continued, "The whole 'just ask your dad' thing implied to me that The Father is alive but not with Sophie anymore. They were together, they split and co-parented Son, they are amicable."