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Power Rangers: Only A Handful Of Purple Rangers Exist (& Some Were Villains)

The "Power Rangers" franchise, starting with "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers," generally focus on different groups of teenagers with attitude that are called to action to battle the forces of evil and destruction not only on Earth, but all of existence. When transformed into their Power Ranger personas, the teenagers are gifted color-coded costumes, as well as a corresponding animal or creature and giant mechanized robot in which to fight the most massive of foes.

Although the Power Rangers are often represented in primary colors like red, yellow, and blue, there have been a handful of Rangers that have donned a purple attire, though not all of these characters are noble. The very first good Purple Power Ranger is that of Robert James (David de Lautour) from "Power Rangers Jungle Fury," as he is better known as, RJ. Within "Jungle Fury," RJ does not start off as the Purple Ranger, and he only gains that title later when he becomes the Wolf Ranger. 

Originally, RJ simply acts as a guiding hand to the Jungle Fury Power Rangers, teaching them martial arts and also providing them jobs at his pizzeria. However, when RJ's father Master Finn (Paul Gittins) is threatened, RJ unleashes his contained wolf spirit, which leads to him officially becoming the Purple Power Ranger. Unsurprisingly, there were Purple Rangers before RJ, though some of these characters followed a similar path to that of the original Green Ranger, Tommy Oliver (Jason David Frank).

Most Purple Rangers are former villains

The reason for the mention of the Green Ranger is that the very first Purple Ranger is actually aligned against the Power Rangers but later becomes an ally, similar to the arc of the Green Ranger becoming the White Ranger in the original "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers." Chronologically, the first Purple Ranger was that of Koragg the Knight Wolf (Chris Graham) in "Power Rangers Mystic Force," which highlights that perhaps the wolf spirit just prefers the color purple. Joking aside, this iteration of Koragg is actually a manipulated character known as Leanbow, who eventually redeems himself and sides with the Power Rangers.

Besides Leanbow and RJ, there has also been two Purple Rangers in "Powers Rangers Dino Charge." The first, Albert Smith (Arthur Ranford), is only briefly a Purple Power Ranger, and he only appears in a single episode. However, he is soon replaced by Kendall Morgan (Claire Blackwater) as the official Purple Power Ranger of "Dino Charge." The next two Purple Rangers, if they could be called that, are the Roxy (Liana Ramirez) in "Power Rangers Beast Morphers," who is considered a villain and wears the color violet, and Tarrick the Void Knight (Jared Turner), another purple themed antagonist in "Power Rangers Dino Fury" who later realizes the error of their ways and aids the Rangers. Considering that there have been well over 20 people to channel the Red Ranger persona, it becomes immediately apparent that Purple Rangers (both good and bad) are a much more rare breed in the "Power Rangers" franchise.