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Rick And Morty Theory: Rick Will Run For President

Ever since "Rick and Morty" received an unprecedented 70-episode order several years back, fans have long speculated where the sci-fi comedy could venture into next. It's obvious the writers enjoy self-contained adventures once in a while, but they've also dabbled in serialization, turning the likes of Evil Morty and Rick Prime into fascinating characters all their own. And some fans have hypothesized that another ongoing storyline to bring into the show could see Rick focusing on political ambitions.

While many "Rick and Morty" fan theories have materialized over the years, WatchMojo elaborated on one that's pretty interesting. The idea stems from the fact that Rick has a tense relationship with the President of the United States, Curtis. They're basically frenemies where sometimes they work together, and sometimes they're at odds. It's not really in Rick's style not to have total control over a situation, and President Curtis' term has to end at some point. Some fans believe Rick could run for president when that time comes, having a clone or robot do the dirty work and giving Rick more freedom to do what he wants.

Rick stands to benefit as president, and he'll need something to do when he gets bored

Granted, it's possible "Rick and Morty" will keep Curtis as the president throughout the show's run. After all, like many animated sitcoms, the characters don't really seem to age, keeping them in a form of stasis while commenting on new things happening in the real world. Curtis may always be the president, like how Richard Nixon somehow won more than two terms on "Futurama," although he was pretty corrupt, so it's not out of the question he changed Earth President rules.

However, assuming a presidential election does occur on "Rick and Morty" at some point, it's easy to see a scenario where Rick (or a duplicate of him) would want to run. He's constantly running afoul of the law and has to deal with the occasional annoyance from the government. Rick could bypass all that by putting himself in charge, and with his vast intellect, he would know precisely how to manipulate the population into voting for him. Once elected, he could do anything he wants (in the United States, at least) with virtual impunity.

It's also possible Rick would want to be president just to mess with Curtis. Rick's certainly not above pursuing the long con just to pettily get back at someone. If Curtis annoyed him one too many times, he may try to put him out of a job just because he can. Honestly, it would make for a pretty good story arc, complete with topical political satire. The show will need plenty more stories in the years to come, so "Rick and Morty" writers, consider this one a freebie.