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Breaking Bad Fans Think Skyler Should Have Been Cast Differently

AMC's "Breaking Bad" is primarily defined by its multiple characters' dynamic and shocking interactions and choices. Although the show had various villains, some players in Walter White's (Bryan Cranston) crime ring frequently challenged his trajectory while simultaneously engaging in his criminal activity. In the morally gray universe of the drama, Walt's wife, Skyler (Anna Gunn), is the most hated personality in this category, according to some fans.

On a 2012 thread on the series' subreddit page, u/fragmac asked if there were any characters fans thought were miscast or would have been better served by another actor. Multiple replies mentioned Gunn's performance as Skyler. Gunn would win two consecutive Primetime Emmy Awards for outstanding supporting actress in a drama series in 2013 and 2014, respectively, but not everyone found her portrayal award-worthy.

Redditor u/CMelody replied, "I think Anna Gunn is a great actress but I have wondered if Skyler would be more sympathized with if a different actress was playing the role." Before comparing Walter's spouse to Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), the viewer added how watching Skyler in the early seasons was difficult, thanks to her facial expressions when confronting Walt's falsehoods.

Such polarization towards the character became the central theme of fans' responses to this question.

Some fans think Anna Gunn's approach to the character is polarizing

Like most characters, Skyler White fell into moral ambiguity throughout "Breaking Bad's" five-season run. She is initially repulsed by her husband's drug manufacturing and lies. Still, as the series progresses, she reverts to smoking cigarettes, has an extramarital affair with Ted Beneke (Christopher Cousins), and joins Walt as an accomplice in the business matters of his criminal empire. No matter the reaction to the character's actions, Anna Gunn's performance received critical acclaim for its complexity and lived-in realness.

But some viewers find her approach to be the main issue with Skyler White, such as u/isk112345, who stated, "I agree with you on Gunn. She is a great actress, I sympathize greatly with Skylar, but something about Anna Gunn just irks me and it makes me dislike Skylar/root more for Walt than I should considering the things he has done." The viewer added that if a different actor had played her, perhaps the hate for Skyler would dissipate.

Redditor u/SentrySappinMahSpy added thematic context to the response thread by highlighting how stepping in the way of Walter White's antihero activities and journey turned many fans off of her personality. Furthermore, according to the fan, no actor could have likely gained sympathy for daring to challenge the main character.

Anna Gunn has rebuffed some harsh comments by calling out the extreme danger he also put his family and children in a while in the first place.