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Big Bang Theory: Sheldon's Community College Burn That Fans Found Totally Savage

Given its pop cultural reputation as effectively the most prototypical network sitcom in recent times, fans have on occasion mined "The Big Bang Theory" for anti-comedy by reshaping its sincere attempts at humor into something uncanny. Perhaps most notably, one fan shared footage of "The Big Bang Theory" without its laugh track, transforming its network-safe sense of humor into something altogether surreal. Furthermore, certain scenes in "The Big Bang Theory" haven't aged well, like some that hinge on jokes relying on gender stereotypes.

Of course, plenty of fans still appreciate the humor in "The Big Bang Theory" on a surface level too, including Reddit user Conscious_Tonight841, who started a thread on the series' subreddit dedicated to an exchange between Penny and Sheldon that they found particularly amusing. In this scene that they shared, from Season 4, Episode 18, in response to something Sheldon (Jim Parsons) said prior, Penny (Kaley Cuoco) replies, "Not knowing is part of the fun." Sheldon mocks this notion and says, "'Not knowing is part of the fun?' Was that the motto of your community college?"

As it turns out, the "Big Bang Theory" fanbase at large seems to find this joke to be a series highlight, as evidenced by numerous replies from users sharing just how much they too enjoy the exchange.

Some Big Bang Theory fans think Sheldon's community college comeback is among the show's funniest moments

User Conscious_Tonight841's Reddit thread about Sheldon's community college takedown received more than 800 upvotes in total, suggesting that a good number of those who saw the thread agreed that the moment is funny. In the top comment among the numerous replies to this post, user Vertiginoso- wrote, "My favorite line ever lmao." The thread's original poster then chimed in, agreeing that the line marks one of the best times Sheldon ever roasted Penny.

Similarly, user Skyreaper811 replied that they find moments in which Sheldon is sarcastic around Penny to be amusing on the whole. In another comment, they then wrote, "One of the funniest line on the entire run of show."

Additionally, users like Turbulent-Wall6116 and dietsmiche responded that they too enjoyed Sheldon's burn. User SpecialistWasabi3 even found it unexpected for Sheldon's character. While some of the comedy in "The Big Bang Theory" may not have aged particularly well, then, there remains an apparently sizable contingent of fans online who continue to share their appreciation for lines like this one simply for being jokes that have made them laugh.