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DC Introduces A New Superman Hero With A Jaw-Dropping Design

Contains spoilers for "Superman" #2 by DC Comics

In the latest issue of "Superman" from DC Comics, the Man of Steel just met an interesting new character whose true role and history in Metropolis are teased as being highly important. While dealing with a Parasite outbreak in his home city, Superman encounters Marilyn Moonlight, whose design and connection with Metropolis make her one of the most intriguing new DC heroes to date. But whether Marilyn Moonlight is actually a friend or foe remains to be determined.

In the current Dawn of DC initiative, a new "Superman" title from Joshua Williamson and Jamal Campbell has redirected the focus of the mighty hero on his time in Metropolis as a superhero and as journalist Clark Kent. With the world forgetting the secret identity of Superman, the Kryptonian-born Kal-El has been able to return to his dual identities, with only Lois Lane and his family knowing about his double life. 

However, with the return of the status quo, a new face has arrived in his city as Superman's attempts to stop the villain Parasite, whose abilities have evolved into the ability to multiply himself, have led him into a confrontation with Marilyn Moonlight — and the new character brings an intriguing design and impressive powers to the mix.

Marilyn Moonlight just made her DC Comics debut

In "Superman" #2 by Joshua Williamson, Jamal Campbell, and Ariana Maher from DC Comics, Superman flies across his city to figure out what's causing the villain Parasite to multiply. But, unbeknownst to the hero, a new villain named Graft has assembled the Secret Order of Mad Scientists, who have used the mysterious Dr. Pharm to enhance and experiment on villains, evolving their powers. With Lex Luthor behind bars, the group rose and upgraded Parasite's powers, with Superman's dark opposite, Bizarro, being next on their scientific chopping block.

As a result, Superman and his superpowered family contained Metropolis and evacuated the hardest hit area in order to stop the spread of Parasites. But, when Kal-El discovers Lois Lane is missing, he immediately goes to the Daily Planet to try to find her. There, he encounters a new hero, Marilyn Moonlight, who tells Superman that she rose in his absence when he was gone saving Warworld. 

The hero — or at least that's what she claims to be — wields ghost guns, rides a ghost horse, and appears to be a ghost herself, and she offers a warning to Superman, telling him Marilyn Moonlight rides again while she disappears. But, when she leaves, her moonlight energy ends up recharging Superman, while he briefly sees a vision back in time of Metropolis during the wild west

Marilyn Moonlight is a new DC hero with a connection to Metropolis' past

Marilyn Moonlight has an incredibly cool design, as the old west inspires the supernatural hero's costume. With a cowboy hat, white mask, crescent darts, a long-flowing black-and-white ponytail, and a Western-inspired outfit, she immediately stands out on the pages of DC Comics. Making the character's design even more jaw-dropping is how she moves like a spirit, with her being reassembling her usual form as she moves. With a ghost horse and weapons, Marilyn Moonlight is a unique-looking hero in the DC Universe.

In an interview with CBR, writer Joshua Williamson said Marilyn Moonlight's design was inspired by seeing Metropolis through a different lens. With the city often portrayed during the day, Williamson and Campbell aimed to do a night-based character who operated in the darkness. From there, the creators decided to make her look and backstory based on the old west. Marilyn Moonlight's design and presence operating at night create a nice juxtaposition with Superman's usual bright daytime stories. The hero wouldn't look out of place in Gotham City fighting alongside Batman. Marilyn Moonlight's ability to power up Superman will likely play a major role if he ever is drained of his abilities or if she ever teams up with the Man of Steel. The character also has some visual and power similarities to Marvel's Moon Knight, another hero who operates in the dark. 

Marilyn Moonlight's debut shows that she should have some staying power as Superman tries to overcome Parasite's hold on Metropolis. Readers will soon learn more about her history, as "Superman" #2 by DC Comics is in comic book stores now.