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Tales From The Hood Is Getting A Sequel

One of the all-time great horror anthologies, Tales from the Hood, is officially getting a sequel. 

The details of the follow-up were put together by Birth Movies Death, compiling tweets about the movie from Rusty Cundieff, who directed and co-wrote the original movie with Darin Scott.

Cundieff has been quietly working on production of the sequel for the last few months, tweeting out occasional progress reports but keeping story details scarce. 

Originally given the green light in January, he went about shooting the movie on location in New Orleans, enlisting actor Keith David to take the place of the original anthology's central actor, Clarence Williams III.

Produced by Spike Lee's 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks, Tales from the Hood is a horror anthology movie centering on the more frightful aspects of black American life. With a framing story hosted by the twisted mortician Mr. Simms, the movie features four terrifying tales that blend comedy and horror to potent effect. 

The segments of the movie feature remarkably on-point material, mining the minefield of white-black race relations in the United States decades before Get Out

Whether it's a victim of fatal police brutality dragging a cop to hell or a former KKK leader (now US Senator, natch) being haunted by the spirits of tortured slaves, the movie isn't screwing around when it comes to its sly cultural commentary. (Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror this is not.) 

Suffice to say, we're extremely excited to see what kind of parables Cundieff and company have cooked up for our still-quite-toxic modern times.

Beyond Tales from the Hood, Cundieff is known as the writer and director of the cult hip-hop mockumentary Fear of a Black Hat. He also directed episodes for Chappelle's Show, Chocolate News, The Wanda Sykes Show, and Black Jesus, among others.

There is currently no specific release date set for Tales from the Hood 2, which is now in post-production. Since the natural thing to do would be release the movie in October, hopefully we get to see some footage from the project soon.