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Larry David And Jerry Seinfeld Didn't Want Seinfeld's Ending To Be An Emotional Roller Coaster

The series finale of "Seinfeld" is probably the most controversial ending any classic TV show ever had, and the debate over whether or not it was an adequate finish to the show continues to rage among fans.

One thing about the "Seinfeld" finale is not up for debate: it is definitely not a typical series finale, especially for the beloved sitcom that it was at the time. Back then, it was typical — and even expected — for sitcoms to go out with a tidal wave of sentimentality, something that would have really gone against the grain for "Seinfeld" co-creators Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David. It also wouldn't have made sense for a show that had two iron-clad rules on set: "no hugging and no learning." With the rest of the series holding true to this rule, why would the show have ended with a lot of learning and hugging, even if that was what a lot of fans were inexplicably expecting?

In an interview with writer Bill Simmons on the now-defunct Grantland site, David talked about how that wasn't the direction he or Seinfeld were interested in taking "The Finale." "No, I was not interested in an emotional ride, and neither was Jerry," David said. "No wonder why [some audiences] would dislike it, yeah."

Larry David says he still thinks The Finale was a clever idea

As for what the man himself thinks of the finale, Larry David seems to maintain a fondness for it. In his interview with Grantland, David stuck to his guns regarding the "Seinfeld" finale, believing it was a clever way to bring back many of the show's characters from throughout its run, placing them in a courtroom to testify against the four main characters of the series. "But let me toot my own horn for a second," David said. "I thought it was clever to bring back all those characters in a courtroom and testify against them for what they did, and then show those clips, and also for why they even got arrested in the first place."

Clever, perhaps, but it's undeniable that "The Finale" has gone on to become one of the more controversial episodes of the entire run of "Seinfeld," catching a bad rap with fans. But let's be honest: how could "Seinfeld" have ended in any other way?