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Rick's Robot Scene Had Rick And Morty Fans Sympathizing With Morty

Vengeance can make people do some very strange things and engage in self-destructive behavior. This is probably best highlighted by Season 6 of "Rick and Morty," which sees much of the multiverse go sideways because of the machinations of an evil Morty (Justin Roiland). Once the dust settles after this rogue Morty destroys the Central Finite Curve, Rick (also Roiland) no longer has the ability to travel via his portal technology, which grounds many of the stories throughout Season 6.

The last episode of Season 6, titled "Ricktional Mortpoon's Rickmas Mortcation," involves Rick gifting Morty a real-life working lightsaber, which immediately creates the potential of the world being destroyed when Morty accidentally drops the lightsaber vertically. Going through tremendous effort to stop the errant weapon, it is soon revealed that Rick's change of behavior in both this episode and the previous one is due to this particular Rick being a robot, which the real Rick replaced after Morty called him boring in "A Rick in King Mortur's Court." In other words, Rick's newfound helpful nature in these episodes is because he isn't real, which caused many fans to feel bad for Morty. In the comment section for this clip on YouTube, user Delataste wrote, "Man, this season finale made me feel really sad for Morty. The way Rick put it at the end, it's almost like to make the audience feels guilty for wanting more Rick and Morty by creating an archnemesis for Rick thus dragging Morty to this s***show."

Some Rick and Morty fans feel like Robot Rick undermines Rick's growth

Many others also felt the same way upon the realization of why Rick's behavior changed so rapidly over the last two episodes of Season 6, with the top-rated comment coming from user Tuck213, who wrote, "I felt Morty's pain during the rest of this episode, I was so happy seeing Rick be more agreeable. But let's be honest, Rick has been a lot nicer and healthier the whole season, not just since the knights of the sun thing. When you remember that it's not as heartbreaking."

Of course, these weren't the only statements regarding an overwhelming sense of sympathy for the youngest member of the Smith family, like user lubednoodle, who said that this episode took so much away from Rick's personal growth and that they would have felt better if Rick would have let Morty in on his actual plan to hunt down the Rick responsible for the death of his family. User an-qo6by took things a step further, and they stated that they felt like a fool for falling for Rick's nice guy act. They added that they completely understand Morty's frustration with his grandfather and that they also felt betrayed by Rick's subterfuge. For long-time fans of "Rick and Morty," Season 6's final two episodes definitely threw a curveball at audiences, and there are some lingering potent feelings of anger directed at Rick and sympathy for Morty.