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Hunger Games Fans Think There's More To Katniss' 11-Pt Score Than Meets The Eye

"The Hunger Games" franchise is a gift that keeps on giving. While the first film of the dystopian series came out over a decade ago, the themes are resonant now more than ever. Told through the perspective of a young girl who is born into a society where the starving and poor suffer while the rich get richer, Katniss' (Jennifer Lawrence) experience is especially familiar in the current social climate. This is perhaps why fans of the series go back time and time again to analyze the complex layers of the story. Even the Capitol, which seems to be a straightforward narrative villain, has dimensions that fans on Reddit wanted to untangle. One Redditor started to peel back these layers, wondering if there was a more complicated reason why Katniss scored so high when first showing the Gamemakers her skills with a bow.

"[D]uring a conversation between Seneca and Snow, Snow is berating Seneca for giving Katniss an 11. Seneca responds that Katniss 'earned it.' This seems to imply that the Gamemakers were impressed by her skills," u/CrimsonBrain recalled. "However, I feel like the books explain her score a bit less, and I always kinda thought the Gamemakers gave her an 11 to put a target on her back." U/Skittleschild02 agreed that this would fall in line with the type of chicanery that the Capitol is capable of. However, other fans went on to debate the intricacies of the Capitol's motivations.

Everyone loves an underdog

It isn't likely that many would rush to the defense of Seneca Crane (Wes Bentley) given his role as Gamemaker, but there is one area where fans are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Though he is just like any other Capitol citizen and eager to see 24 children fight to the death, many Redditors considered that he has a small amount of integrity. The character has more agency in the film since viewers can see a tiny bit of affection for the skills Katniss brings to the table. "Everyone likes an underdog," Crane tells Snow (Donald Sutherland). Unlike Snow, Crane has no real animosity towards the Districts. He just wants to put on a good show. 

"I think Seneca liked the idea of Katniss becoming the victor," proposed u/SummerBaby50. "District 12 never had anyone exciting to root for. Katniss winning would have brought something new to the games." They also noted that there is a progression in the Capitol after Katniss. During the first game, she is just like any other contestant. Only when she decides to trick the system into allowing two victors do they have it out for her. Giving her a high score is also in their best interest, as u/ms-astorytotell pointed out. "She did earn it. While they weren't happy with what happened, the point of the score is to see how dangerous/strong each tribute is."

Giving Katniss a high score is killing two birds with one stone

Like any complex character or fictional system, the Capitol can be more than one thing. It is a corrupt system that benefits from subjugating its citizens. But you don't get to that point without thinking outside the box. Katniss did earn her point ranking, but giving her that score would also accomplish other goals. From the Capitol's perspective, the clever decision is to make her a target simply because the Career pack converging on a girl from District 12 would be just good television. And if it takes her out in the process, all the more reason.

"I think somewhat both. I think she deserved a high score, at most a 10, but they also wanted to put a target on her back, so they bumped it up to an 11," u/Kittylaalaa2005 theorized. As Snow tells Crane: "A little hope is effective. A lot of hope is dangerous." Giving Katniss too much of a role might unite the districts against them. Better use "The Hunger Games" tributes who are brainwashed to murder someone who could cause a problem. Crane may have had pure intentions regarding the Games, but Snow is a different animal altogether. He is smarter than that and can see the writing on the wall. This is a lesson that Crane does not learn before his untimely death.