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The Biggest Change Gilmore Girls' Fans Would Make (It's All About A Dream)

For some fans of "Gilmore Girls," the Netflix postscript "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" was a welcomed check-in on the beloved mother-daughter duo. For others, it was a much-needed revisionary text following a sub-par final season, which still has numerous unresolved plotlines

In 2006, the "Gilmore Girls" parents network The WB merged with UPN to form The CW, and a contract dispute led to showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino and executive producer Dan Palladino's premature exit. This lead to the finale feeling disconnected from the rest of the series.

If "Gilmore Girls" fans could make any retroactive edits, it's no surprise that they would revisit Season 7. In the case of redditor u/Pleasant-Result2747, they even cooked up a way to eliminate Christopher, a perpetual thorn in the sides of Lorelai and Luke shippers.

"In Season 7, Episode 1," u/Pleasant-Result2747 wrote, "we learn that Lorelai never actually slept with Chris, and it was just a dream." Some fans eagerly endorsed the rewrite, albeit with a couple caveats.

Fans would love to 86 Christopher from Season 7

The "it was all a dream" trope can be at best trite and at worst mind-boggling. For certain "Gilmore Girls" fans, the mediocrity of Season 7 is worth employing TV's favorite cheat code. 

After an argument with Luke in the Season 6 finale, Season 7 opens with the bleary-eyed morning-after of Lorelai's tryst with Christopher. If it had been a dream, u/Pleasant-Result2747 contends, Lorelei would be "relieved." Their alternate history also erases the drawn out will-they-won't-they between Luke and Lorelai, who instead work things out immediately. 

"They get married," u/Pleasant-Result2747 posted, "and we see an amazing wedding." That wedding would replace the heartfelt finale, in which the couple finally gets back together. Hilariously, u/Pleasant-Result2747 saw no need to rehabilitate Logan as Rory would still reject his proposal. Other fans chimed in to support the rehashed ending. 

"Omggg making that mess a dream would have been so good," u/almostdoctorposting wrote. U/Adventurethief also embraced the idea, accepting it as new canon. U/Pleasant-Result2747 then added a slight change to the end of "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life." 

"PLOT TWIST," u/Pleasant-Result2747 said regarding Rory's pregnancy announcement. "Lorelai says 'me too.'" That change was a bridge too far for u/blixernoire

"Everything minus the last thing. It gets tiring that everyone in the series just procreates like magic," u/blixernoire wrote. "Totally unrelatable."