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Netflix Viewers Agree I See You Is A Must-Watch Thriller

While a number of horror movies are set to blow audiences away in 2023, a forgotten and somewhat revered film from 2019 called "I See You" has managed to cause quite a stir with subscribers on Netflix.

After making its premiere at SXSW, "I See You" was released in theaters in December 2019, and off of a $5 million budget, the movie was only able to gross a dismal $1.1 million at the box office. But despite becoming a flop, the motion picture achieved a solid score on Rotten Tomatoes, even attaining the Certified Fresh Designation. Several outlets like Variety held the thrilling flick in high regard, saying it was "a finely crafted exercise in slow-burn suspense." Unfortunately, the word wasn't able to properly get out regarding all the acclaim it had received. 

But thanks to Netflix, the film has been given a second chance to terrify audiences with a twist-filled tale of marital love affairs, missing children, and a very creepy mask. And after watching the mind-bending scare-fest, fans haven't been shy about letting people know about their haunting experience on social media. One example that puts the hype in perspective is from user @lyssaajj, who posted on Twitter, "'I See You' on Netflix is probably one of the best movies I've seen in a while. My stomach in a knot fr." Another user simply said, "'I See You' on Netflix good asf y'all watch it!" But they weren't the only ones making some noise about "I See You."

Subscibers can't unsee I See You

With so many options on Netflix, finding anything that stands out from the competition and offers viewers a chilling experience they won't forget can be daunting. So when a title garners a certain level of attention, there's a good chance it could be a worthwhile affair, which seems to be the case with "I See You." And from what's being said about the movie, the shocking twists are getting people excited. "Just finished watching 'I See You' on Netflix, and..........wow..... I've never been that stumped on a film before," @LifeIsBeautyfl posted on Twitter. "Incredible twist. Y'all need to watch that s****. Wow." @_jaquisha also enjoyed the scary surprises offered in the feature and described the film saying, "'I See You' on Netflix was crazy. I wasn't expecting that plot twist!" But not everyone hyped up the horror aspect of the movie.

Alternatively, @RobJob76 showed some love to the fact that there is a solid crime thriller story taking place in the movie horror fans can't stop buzzing about, highly recommending it to fans of the genre, saying, "If you're looking for a good crime thriller I'm Netflix 'I See You' is really freakin good."

While it might not be enough to make it onto the list of best crime thrillers or horror movies of all time, the robust amount of attention it has received from subscribers strongly indicates that "I See You" is a horror thriller worth seeing.