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AHS Fans Can't Help But Love This Coven Fight Between Misty And Madison

"American Horror Story: Coven" certainly knows how to throw together very different personalities and set them upon a shared goal — the survival of their collection of fan-favorite witches and to determine the next person to become the Supreme. The Supreme is the leader of the Coven, and she has access to greater powers than her peers. This means that some, like Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts), are willing to do whatever it takes to secure the position, which may include attempting to bury somebody alive, like Misty Day (Lily Rabe).

Misty isn't someone who simply gives up, however, and considering that she is known for surviving being burned at the stake, a little time entombed is nothing she can't handle. Once freed, Misty confronts Madison about her actions, which Madison nonchalantly admits to. Of course Misty isn't one to let such a transgression pass, and Madison soon finds herself on the receiving end of a solid thrashing from the swamp-dwelling Misty. 

Considering Madison's general demeanor throughout "Coven" as a self-absorbed celebrity, audience members were quite keen on the brawl between the two diametrically opposed witches. Starting the conversation over on Reddit, u/telekineticeleven011 posted a clip of the scuffle between Misty and Madison, immediately creating a deluge of comments where the word "satisfying" popped up quite frequently. u/Seer77887 had the top rated response after viewing the fight, writing, "Witches or no witches, you never start s*** with the Fleet Mac stan who lives in the swamp."

Fans love that Misty trounced Madison

A user with the tag u/unnusual_art was also a big fan of this fight, saying that the sound effects were full-blooded and that they forgot about how badly Misty beat up Madison. u/ClaudetteLeon23 used the word "satisfying" to describe the scene, while u/SetteItOff said that they had trouble remembering the specific origin of this particular moment, but added that they found Madison to be absolutely insufferable. So they too were also delighted by the narcissistic starlet catching a passionate beat-down for her behavior.

Longtime "AHS" actor Emma Roberts was asked by Collider if it was fun to play such a mean and different character, and she replied, "Yeah, it's really fun. It's fun to play a character who just says what everyone wants to say sometimes, and who is also just a complete b**** for no reason sometimes." She later added, "There's glimmers of her being very nice, so you take her side, but then she's typical Madison and goes back to making the horrible, mean joke." This comment from Roberts shows that even she was aware of how her character was perceived, and considering the above statements, it looks like she did a fine job in properly antagonizing audience members and Misty Day.