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Why Blue Bloods Fans Are Annoyed By Jamie In Season 13

"Blue Bloods" has been fighting New York crime and hosting Sunday dinners for 13 Seasons. And within that span, we've seen characters like Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) grow before our very eyes. At the start of the series, Jamie is known as the youngest Reagan sibling working as a beat cop. Currently, he's far from being the fresh rookie police academy graduate he was at the start of the series, as he acts like a seasoned officer. And despite casually dating for a while, he's now a committed man, with his marriage to former partner Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray). With all of his progress as a character, we thought we were in for some more intriguing plot developments with Season 13.

Jamie starts the  latest season shot and is placed in the hospital while working on an investigation. Then later, he is promoted to a secret intelligence division within the NYPD. All of this is the perfect setup to keep viewers hooked on the character throughout the season. Instead, fans on Reddit shared how annoyed they were with Jamie. Some even feel that he has changed, and not for the better. As a result, it's made some of his most important moments this season fizzle instead of pop. "I wish his storylines added more of a personal touch," u/lattech41 began the post. "Even when he got shot, it was like... meh, oh well."

Fans find that Jamie is lacking serious depth this season

Fans have often celebrated "Blue Bloods" for its attempt at striking a balance between the professional and personal lives of its characters. This isn't exactly new territory to cover in procedural crime dramas, but "Blue Bloods" makes a welcome difference thanks to its emphasis on family. The Reagans interacting on cases or merely talking and debating their work at the dinner table adds a more personal touch. But that's where quite a few fans feel the series has failed Jamie this season. Some, such as u/dyatlov333, noted Jamie has interacted less with his family and more with work this season. "There is only cop stuff now...that's the problem...need more family/personal drama," they posted.

Other fans pointed out that Jamie's general sense of warmth has faded. While previous seasons displayed his usual easy-going demeanor full of smiles and laughter, Season 13 has replaced it with a constant stoic manner. In his defense, it's hard to blame him in this regard. We'd stop smiling so much, too, if a bullet recently put us near death's door, and our new job requires us to be more secretive. 

Yet honestly, the character hasn't had a chance to expand beyond those moments. As u/AphroditeRose1 pointed out, Season 13 hasn't really afforded Jamie more personal storylines beyond work. And of those precious work-focused moments for the character, they don't quite get deeply explored yet to the level of his siblings like Danny or Erin. Or, as another fan noted, maybe, Jamie's boy scout nature doesn't lend itself to the same exciting expressiveness found with his brother Danny. "Danny goes on his cop instinct and years of service, while Jamie goes by the book," u/CuteBaldChick wrote. "Guys like that aren't exciting."